Monica Stone


The evil committed by human beings is never more carefully and thoroughly done than from religious conviction. Blaise Pascal (1623-1662), French theologian and philosopher.

Ever since Mordechai Marx Levy, aka Karl Marx, turned socialism into an ideology the Christian religion in particular has come under attack by evil forces seeking its total destruction. Of course not destruction in the sense of wiping Christianity from everyday life, but infiltrating it with false dogmas and soulless evil peoples. The seminaries were filled with KGB agents and corrupt clergy. Obstinate priests were disgraced and put into mental homes in Russia.

In the West the same brutal tactics like in Russia would not work therefore infiltration was the better option. The Christians in the West are lukewarm, not like in Russia where the population got stronger in their belief system.

In Russia the Marxists shut the churches up or destroyed them Priests were plainly and openly liquidated, then the discovered you cannot destroy Christianity in this manner and their tactics changed. In actual fact Christianity became stronger, it went underground and grew in numbers.

So the tactics changed from a direct approach to infiltration. They infiltrated the churches and the seminaries with students who were really and truly agents of the KGB. They corrupted the clergy or took over their functions themselves. Priest who resisted were locked up in insane asylums or sentenced to long terms of imprisonment or exposed to public disgrace. Parents who had their children baptized were accused of endangering the child’s mental health. Fathers lost their jobs.

Few churches were left as showcases for the purpose of propaganda. When tourists from the West visited these churches they saw them filled with worshippers and they then spread the stories about freedom of religion, as they saw it with their own eyes.

In the West the communists use different tactics. They could not openly attack the church so the method of infiltration was used. They know they had a vast population of lukewarm believers and liberals inside and outside the churches.

In 1938 Georgi Dimitrov, the leader of the Bulgarian communists, put it in this way: “Let our friends do the work. We must always remember that one sympathizer is worth more than a dozen militant communists. One university professor who is not a party member but stands up for the interests of the Soviet Union is worth more than a hundred part members. One well-known writer or one retired general is worth more than five hundred nonentities who have just enough sense not to get beaten up by the police. A writer who isn’t a member of the Part but defends the Soviet Union and the trade union boss who isn’t one of us but stands up for the soviet international policy is worth more than a thousand party workers. Those who aren’t party members or known communists have greater freedom of action. Our friends must confuse the enemy for us. They must export our principles and mobilize campaigns in our support against people who don’t think as we do and whom we can’t get at. We must use most especially ambitious politicians who need help, men who know that we communists can smooth their path and give them publicity and help then in other ways. Men like that would sell their souls to the devil; and we buy souls.”

With this we see clearly the communist use useful “idiots”, just the way Lenin said so many years ago to advance the communist or Marxist ideals.

Universities and seminaries are the fertile grounds for spreading their ideological poison. But their easiest prey are “modern: and liberal pastors and theologians, men who lost their faith and or whom God is dead and the Bible a fantasy story.

These types of people are found all over the world these days, they unwittingly working toward the destruction of Christianity, they follow the Utopia Marx painted for a manmade kingdom here on earth. It is this liberal who sits in every church organization and spread his poison. By recruiting and training more leftists they succeeded in watering down the message of the Gospel and their interpretation thereof. By distorting the message of the Bible they deserted God and replaced Him with their compassionate-humanistic plane. By distortion and denial of cardinal precepts of the Bible and over-emphasis on social and ethical questions they gradually weaken and falsify the Christian Doctrine; and the result is confusion among the people and empty churches.

The communists know very well that the decay in belief can best be achieved not from the below upward, but from the top down. Theologians mix their Marxist jargon with religious pronouncements and so the fundamental irreconcilable opposition between Marxism and Christianity is blurred.

The over-emphasis on social- and political – aspects inevitably leads to a garbling of biblical utterances and perversion of the Bible into a revolutionary handbook. For example, Jesus’ missionary command to spread the Gospel is interpreted as a call to “dialogue” with communism, the spiritual salvation of mankind suddenly means political liberation, and justice (before God) means “reconciliation” with human beings. The Good News of the Bible thusly became the liberation theology and the incorporation of all “religions” in the world.

This situation is blessed by the World Council of Churches in Geneva, more a worldly than a spiritual body – has long been demanding joint session with Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Taoists and all sorts of other sects.

Indirectly the attack on the “white” positions in Africa began in 1961. In that year the church of Russia was accepted as a member of the WCC. It was the same that President Kennedy “accidentally” ended the “cold war” and began a new era of “peaceful co-existence”. That meant that from then on the West recognized the communist dictatorship as a “democratic system” or par with Western parliamentary systems.

It became clear in a very short span of time the “Russian Churches” were not interested in spreading the Gospel, but to expand the soviet hegemony.

When in 1970 they pushed through the Programme to Combat Racism of the WCC and fumigated it with Christian incense, the KGB officers active in the Church Center had scored the first success. It has been the goal of the soviet planners to exchange the anti-communist bastions in southern Africa for regimes subordinate to Moscow so as to gain control over the strategic Cape route and the mineral wealth of the subcontinent.

Their direct drive by supporting terrorist cadres with arms and ideological propaganda had not produced the desired results. Now with the aid of the Programme to Combat Racism of the WCC their efforts were sealed with the blessings of the churches. The terrorists constantly working for the overthrow of the white governments not only received an unexpected moral boost and sanctification of their bloody deeds, they were soon able to dip their hands in the flow of Western money raised by churches in the form of “humanitarian aid”. In view of so much active moral support on the part of a world organization of churches, many “progressive” Western governments and of course the UN were swift to follow suit and dig deep into their pockets to stump up their share of the noble cause.

The Swedish government, which had already been contributing an annual subsidy of $150,000 now raised it to $4 million. The Lutheran World Federation went out of its way to support the decision of the WCC and in the following year (1971) handed over a sum of $35,000 to FRELIMO “freedom fighters” in Mozambique.

That same year the British council of Churches also associated itself to support the “freedom struggle” in southern Africa; likewise the Presbyterian Church of America, the National Church Council of America, the Reformed Churches of the Netherlands, the All Africa Church Conference and the Christian Peace Conference.

The Evangelical Church of Germany (EKD) had to surpass all contributions they gave the most money by several million. This is understandable because the president of the External Office of the EKD, Dr. Heinz-Joachim Held, is also the chairman of the Central Committee of the WCC. For years the church has been arguing that none of the church funds had been used for the support of terrorism in South Africa, and at a meeting of the Central Committee of the WCC in January 1979 it was stipulated that the support for terrorists should not come from general church funds, but only from donations for clearly identified projects. The chair gave his word of honor to that. Thusly the public was deceived for years, until November 1982 that in the year 1982 at least the Ecumenical Council had handed over money to the terrorists earmarked for missionary tasks and evangelization.

Those receiving money were those with an anti-Western slant, those who had distuished themselves as enemies of “capitalist”-free market economy and were subservient to the advance of atheism.

How successful the efforts of the USSR and the WCC have been is demonstrated by the fact that Rhodesia, Angola and Mozambique are now under Marxist rule.

Reviewing a few facts that illustrate this development, Norbert Homuth wrote: “From 1970 to 1979 alone the WCC gave away 3 063 545 dollars. Of that 65% went exclusively to Marxist terrorists in southern Africa. In 1978 the ‘Patriotic Front in Rhodesia, which was trying to overthrow the white Pro-Western government, was given a sum of 85 000 dollars by the WCC. At the same time this ‘Patriotic Front’ is financed by Cuba and the Soviet Union. Even before the WCC announced its donation for ‘humanitarian aid’, the ‘Patriotic Front” had killed 207 white and 1712 black civilians, not counting the 296 civilians mangled by terrorist mines.  The WCC rejected all criticism from all sides and announced with pride that it had given another handout of over $125 000 to Marxist SWAP (Namibia). Altogether SWAPO had received $830 0000 from the WCC by 1982. In Angola the Russian supported MPLA received $78 000, Marxist FRELIMO in Mozambique $120 000. In 1978 35 foreign missionaries and their children were murdered in Rhodesia by the terrorists financed by the WCC. Soon afterwards they shot down an unarmed civilian aircraft and killed all those who had survived the crash; and two members of the Salvation Army were also killed by the terrorist. Because of that the Salvation Army left the WCC.”

The last and strongest bastion against communist domination in southern Africa and the principal object of the USSR is the Republic of South Africa and South West Africa (Namibia).It is on these two countries that the joint attack by all those forces that intend to neo-colonize Africa and use it as a springboard for its New World Order is concentrated.

The leading theologians of the EKD and the WCC, Professor Jürgen Moltman:  “The churches should therefore make special efforts to get rid of national sovereignty and promote the development of the United Nations and a world government.”

A report by the WCC admits quite openly that the support of terrorists in South Africa is intended “apart from compassion to enable the WCC to have a say in the new distribution of power.”

Among whom the power is to be newly distributed, if all goes according to the wishes of the WCC, can be seen from its donations .Since 1970 mostly Marxist “liberation movements” have received $7.5 million in annual instalments “for the fight against racial injustice” and to give assistance to the “racially oppressed”.

The list of Marxists organizations is too long to discuss in this article, but most of the money went to the African National Congress (ANC), which of course in power in South African since 1994. (Ref.: Ecumenical Press Service 1-7 Nov. 87).

The objective of the recipients “must not deviate from the general goals of the World Council of Churches” as the WCC stipulated. That can only mean that a Marxist-communist, atheist order of society is in general agreement with the goals and intentions of the World Council of Churches. Since the donations are made “with no control over the manner of their use”, there is nothing to stop the money from being spent on weapons, bombs or Mrs. Mandela’s famous tires, gas and matches.

Some background of the Ecumenical Council of Churches activities. It was the National Church Council of the USA (NCC) that served as a model for the WCC. This body was financed largely by contributions particularly from the Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations. These foundations were so firmly in the clutches of the Illuminati that by 1936 the naval intelligence services classified it as one of the most dangerous and subversive organizations in the country.

Norbert Homuth wrote in his book Vorsicht, Ökemene (Beware of the Ecumene): “Just as the illuminati served the NCC in the USA, the same took place on the world level by the foundation of Ecumenical Council in Geneva. It is one of the tactics of the Freemasons to try out something on a regional level before putting it into practice worldwide. One of the most powerful wire-pullers in that business is Rockefeller. He is a high degree Freemason. Rockefeller not only funded the UN site in New York he also financed the establishment of the World Council of Churches in Geneva: To the question as to what extent the Ecumenical Council was connected with Rockefeller’s Council on Foreign Relations the reply came from Geneva: ‘The Rockefeller Foundation contributed substantial sums to make possible the creation of our Ecumenical Council. Four foundations contributed altogether $1.2 million for the building of the Ecumenical Center,”

In 1954 still more money came from Rockefeller, over $125 000 and in 1958 Rockefeller gave another $2 million for the establishment of a training fund for theologians.

As Homuth writes” “The same Rockefeller who financed an abortion center for over ten thousand abortions a year in New York also financed the sex-guru Bhagwan, the Club of Rome and the World Council of Churches in Geneva. They all serve the same ends.”

John Foster Dulles was appointed chairman of the Commission for International Relations of the WCC in Geneva. His job was to integrate and co-ordinate the work of the WCC and that of the UN.

In 1964 a creation of a fund for Christian literature and music was launched. Millions of dollars of illuminati money must have flowed into the creation of “Christian” rock music alone.

The Catholic Church, which had always been openly hostile to the Freemasons, officially approved them in its new Codex juris canonici of 1983.Pope John XXIII introduced the ecumenical-charismatic process into the Catholic Church, so that now the Vatican is populated by a whole army of Freemasons. The fact of course the same applies to the Protestant churches.

At the fourth plenary session in Upsala, Sweden in 1968 they were already talking about a widening of the notion of unity: “The church makes bold to speak of itself as the symbol of the future unity of all mankind.”

In 1974 the Catholic cardinal Suences acted as host to a “world conference of religions” in Louvain, Belgium. For that he received a prize from the Templeton Foundation, a Freemason institution that consists of representatives of the six religions.

In his book The Protestant Churches in the Wake of Communism (original in German), Dr. Beat C Bäschlin writes: “The destructive elements that were able to usurp control over Protestantism so extensively are pursuing a twofold strategy. Absurd demands are made in the name of Jesus Christ. The intention is, on the one hand, to discredit the churches and shake the faith of believers or otherwise put them off; on the other hand, they intent to take over the ecclesiastical apparatus and its funds for the ends of communist policy and the advance of atheism. These two strategies reinforce one another.

“For the more the Protestant churches allow themselves to be used in the war of extermination of Christianity, the more untrustworthy they become. And the more untrustworthy they become, the more successful is the effort to weaken the Christian religion in the west also and hasten its demise.”

In 1987 the existing agreements with the EKD in South Africa and Namibia were replaced by a “provisional arrangement” and in so doing these Christians got a taste of the solidarity between the EKD and WCC. By means of financial subventions and the dispatch of predominantly trendy-lefty parsons to South Africa and Namibia the EKD exercised a decisive influence on the policy of the German churches there. Of course their influence with the training college in Natal was tremendous in the selection of teachers and students.

The fact that the German head of the Faculty of Theology had signed the notorious KAIROS document which is full of the spirit of Marxism and calls for the violent overthrow of the South Africa government, hardly helped to pour oil on the troubled waters of the resentful German Christians in South Africa. The Lutherans still loyal to their church in South Africa see themselves exposed by this “partnership relation” to increasing political pressure from their church leaders who, in total contempt for their rights, require them not only to condemn the policies of the country that they are living in but also to force them into “greater Christian unity” with their black fellow-citizens in an integrated church in which the proportion of white will be less than 5%.

The fact that this unity does not mean anything to the EKD they are only interested in quite a different kind of unity: the unity of power politics.

The Germans and those of German descent accuse the churches of the Federal Republic, both catholic and protestant of being the cause of homosexuality, abortions and other degeneracy. They have a mistrust of the general German church organizations which on the pretext of trying to help, interfere in South African affairs, but cannot keep their own house in order.

A black woman with the name of Borephe who was a member of the ANC testified before Congress in Washington DC how she was taught by the Congress of South African Students (COSAS), a branch of the ANC to make Molotov cocktails, murder people. The “parsons told us how good communism was. They promised us a better education in other countries, and that is why I joined the organization.”

“The Anglican priests taught us that communists were black people from Africa. Leaders like Samora Machel, Robert Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo were spoken of as heroes who would liberate us…We were imbued with a powerful hatred of the whites, particularly the Afrikaners.”

On Sunday September 2 they had a meeting in the Catholic church of Evanton and Sharpeville. “By 5:30 on Monday morning we were on our feet throwing stones at cars and buses.” She described how a black councilor was seized by “the boys” and burnt to death by a petrol (gas) bomb. Another was hacked to death with pangas (machetes).

“They always referred to the Bible to explain why should murder the local councilors. They said Mandela was like Moses, and had been sent to set us free. We were also told to kill policeman, and some members of COSAS got had of firearms for that purpose. We were told to burn down schools because the communist would build better schools for the blacks.” The Citizen, 29.6.87).

Many other clergymen and churches fanned the flames in South Africa. In its publication  ucanNews 11/86, United Christian Action, an umbrella organization of several Christian Associations, wrote;

“Catholic Bishops in South Africa Smooth the Path to Marxism.

  “On 16.5.86 the general secretary of the South African Bishops’ Conference, Father Smangliso Mkhatshwa, was arrested for illegal possession of arms and ammunition. This event showed the tip of the iceberg, for under the leadership of Archbishop Denis Hurley the South African Bishops’ Conference has become a tool of Marxist revolutionaries. United Christian Action substantiates this by the following examples:

“The Episcopal ‘Namibia Report’: On 1.6.82 the South African Catholic Bishops published a situation report on Namibia..in which the Christian intentions and overwhelming support among the blacks of the terror movement SWAPO were arrested. Even the official party program openly proclaiming atheism, Marxism and Leninism did not offend; as they argued of page 27 of the Namibia Report, that was only intended to ‘keep the Warsaw Pact countries in the mood to continue supplying them with arms.”

“Propaganda for the Marxist ANC: Archbishop Denis Hurley played a key role in the propaganda campaign financed by the Catholic charitable relief organization Misereor against South Africa in Germany in 1983. Misereor, which is lavishly funded by unsuspecting Catholics in good faith, represented the terror organization the ANC as ‘the natural expression of the Africa desire for liberation’. (Interview with Archbishop Hurley, Misereor provincial magazine, South Africa, 1983, p.21).

“Class struggle in Catholic school-books: The Education Section of the Bishops’ Conference in 1983 published a study course for school children in which the leaders of the black homelands were depicted as puppets of the South African government who were merely continuing the oppression of the masses. Black policemen, soldiers and councilors and Colored and Indian parliamentary representatives were abused as ‘collaborators’ who betrayed their people from a craving of power and prestige. The Catholic study course is illustrated with pictures of black children raising their fists and expressing their hatred in the caption: ‘We won’t work for the whites any more! Europeans get out! We won’t pay any more taxes! Schools are useless! The chiefs are oppressing us! Give us land! We’ll never allow the Christians to rule us!” (Signposts, 1/83).

“Publication of the pro-Marxist New Nation: With a grant of over DM 250 000 from the charity funds of Misereor and Mission, two German Catholic relief bodies for famine and sickness all over the world, in 1985 the South Africa Catholic bishops started a periodical called The New Nation. In issue no. 10/86 of 22.6.86 the paper glorified the Marxist ‘comrades’ who by that time had murdered over five hundred black people who had no revolutionary inclinations with burning car tires.

“Hand in hand with the ANC against national defense: On 13.4.86 Archbishop Hurley led a five-man delegation to the ANC headquarters in Lusaka, Zambia. Excerpt from the communiqué issued by the bishops and the ANC: ‘The black majority knows from experience that the South African police and army are instruments of oppression. The Conference therefore acknowledged the importance of the campaign to end conscription in South Africa.’ (Citizen 17.4.86). The episcopal magazine The New nation also commented on the South Africa commando action against the ANC bases on 19.6.86. According to issue no. 10/86 the objective was not the ANC the economic independence of South Africa’s neighbors. ‘The military want to cause as much chaos as possible. They are afraid that the successful development of a multiracial socialist state in Zimbabwe or Mozambique will show up the absurdity of apartheid capitalism.’

“Other activities: The Catholic Bishops’ Conference in South Africa has acknowledged its support for the Marxist KAIROS document; it has repeatedly demanded the withdrawal of the police and army from the black townships in South Africa while ignoring the threat to peace-loving inhabitants by radicals; on several occasions Archbishop Hurley has perverted the Holy Mass by offering petrol bombs and firearms as sacrificial objects, ostensibly to strengthen the oppressed in their struggle for liberation.

“ The Catholic bishops of South Africa are not interested in the opinions of the members of their flocks – according to surveys more than 95% of Catholics in the country are opposed to any kind of sanctions against South Africa – yet their shepherds call for punitive economic measures. The Catholic organization TFP (Tradition, Family, Private Property) collected over ten thousand signatures against them. Another group that calls itself Concerned Catholics submitted a note of protest against the ‘socialist activities’ of the bishops to the Vatican. At a three-day conference in Durban on 20.11.85, attended by 80 senior black church leaders, a motion of censure was carried against the activities of Archbishop Hurley. In an interview with The Sunday Times a leading black theologian said:’ The general feeling at our conference was that we a fed up with the white Messiahs who set themselves up abroad as martyrs for the black cause.’ (The Sunday Times 1.12.85). Black priests then withdrew their support for Archbishop Hurley’s newly-founded organization Christians for Justice and Peace, and the project collapsed.

“Yet the Archbishop is obviously confident that the Bishops’ Conference does not need the support of the ordinary member of the congregation nay more. Foreign donations for the revolutionary activities of the bishops more than made up for the growing abstention. In 1984 the Bishops’ Conference received DM 750 000 from abroad, mostly from Germany. A year later donations from abroad passed the two million mark, which does not include the DM 250 000 for The New Nation Pastoral Project from Misereor and Misseo, The Vicar General of Cape Town, Father Reginald Cawcutt, commented thus on the jibbing at the Bishops’ Conference: ‘The bishops are the leaders of the Catholic Church and need not necessarily ask the community which road to take’ (Citizen 30.4.86)


Another part was played by the South African Council of Churches (SACC), which like all church councils over the world supports the interests of the WCC.

When these activities went overboard the government instructed a judicial commission of inquiry in 1981 to examine the development, aims, and finances of the SACC. After nearly two and a half year the Eloff Commission submitted its 451 page report to parliament in Cape Town ion 15.2.1984. It shocked the nation.

It stated that the SACC was waging “a political war of liberation in fraternal association” with the Marxist terror organization the ANC and other militant organizations. The fact was they opted for revolution rather than evolution. In these planning they identified themselves more and more with the so-called liberation struggle. It had embarked on a program of “reinterpretation” of the Christian faith to justify its active participation in politics. With its own version of “liberation theology” the SACC was attempting to indoctrinate and politicize the churches associated with it and the blacks in the country, while the white were subjected to a “change in consciousness” to prepare them for a revolutionary change in the existing structures.

According to the Eloff Report Bishop Tutu, the then secretary of the SACC, frankly admitted to waging “a massive psychological war against the country and to a strategy of resistance and the promotion of the political fight for liberation. That included such tactics as, on a international level, persuading governments and organizations to bring political, economic and diplomatic pressure to bear on South Africa. Within the country itself the SACC associated itself to “a large-scale campaign of civil disobedience” and support to men to refuse to do their military service.

He incessantly prophesied the impending violent uprising and declared his solidarity with all who came in conflict with the government, whether they were striking teachers, militant black power movements or radical black trade unions.

Although the SACC was enable to garner support in South Africa with funds, only 1.2% of its total budget was received from members, it had no difficulty in getting plenty of money for its programs from churches, governments and other organizations abroad.

With regard to the links between the SAXX and the ANC the commission found that after consultations with the ANC and other “liberation movements” in Lusaka the SACC had passed a resolution “to enhance its credibility with the liberation movements”. The SACC justified the use of violence by the terrorists with skilful theological formulations and thus gave them its express approval.

There was, however nothing theological about the pronouncement by the secretary general of the SACC, Dr. Beyers Naude: “Stone-throwing and burning of cars and houses

And the killing of collaborators occasionally” could not unconditionally regarded as “violence”.

Bishop Tutu had personal contacts with Oliver Tambo and other banned leaders of the ANC. (Tambo was involved in the Rivonia case with amongst others, Mandela).

Tutu described Tambo as “a person of Christian convictions and sincerity in his endeavors for peace, justice and democracy in South Africa” the man who responsible for the bomb explosion in Pretoria in 1983 that killed nineteen people and crippling over two hundred others, black and white.

Tutu called Mandela a communist who was sentenced to life imprisonment for high treason for his terrorist activities, his leader and spoke warmly of him as the future South Africa head of state. Tutu became the Archbishop of Cape Town and won the the Nobel Peace Prize, who nonetheless boasts of being “no pacifist” predicts that the use of force in the fight for liberation will be unavoidable.

The Red Bishop stated as follows in the Sunday Times, 29.12.85):

“Some people think there was something funny about the birth of Jesus…Maybe he was an illegitimate child.” (Cape Times, 24.10.80).

“When justice prevails over injustice, as in [Marxist] Zimbabwe, that shows that the Kingdom has already arrived. (Ecunews 11,1980).

“I thank God that I am black. At the last Judgment the whites will have much to answer for.” (Argus 19.3.84).

“A young fellow with a stone in his hand can do far more than I can with a dozen sermons.” (Daily telegraph, London, Nov. 1984).

“Every Christian must be a revolutionary, if by that you mean somebody who wants to change things completely.” (Rapport 20.4.86).

“As far as I am concerned the West can go to hell.” (Cape Times 23.7.86).

many Christians in South Africa deserted the Anglican church because of Tutu’s behavior and remarks, so much so the church finds itself in a financial crisis.

One of the main stumbling blocks in the way to realization of bringing about this radical change in South African society was the existence of a theology that distinguished between spiritual and worldly matters Dr. Wolfram Kistner made it his task to convince leaders of the member churches of the SACC that theology was indeed concerned with worldly realities and phenomena and that the church should investigate social problems. In his opinion “the theology of the member churches had to be adapted” to the so-called “social gospel” or “liberation theology” and to a new definition of Christian ethics in which the old notions of sin and guilt would be identified afresh.

How important the co-operation and support of the churches in South Africa have become to the aims of the communist terrorist movements is clear from the statements made by Oliver Tambo, president of the ANC on various occasions:

“I hope the church in South Africa will really be in the front rank of the advance…”

“The church must play an active part in informing the Christian community of the necessity of the liberation struggle.”

We also hear from SWAPO: “The churches have an essential role to play in consciousness-raising.”

There was the closest possible co-operation between the ANC, PAC, and SWAPO on the one hand and the WCC and many other ecumenical bodies on the other.

At a joint session of the WCC the ANC, SWAP, PAC and the SACC were present, the subject was “THE CHURCH AND THE LIBERATION OF SOUTHERN AFRICA. The following recommendation was adopted: “The conference fully approves the demands of these liberation movements and wishes to declare its unconditional support in their fight against imperialism, colonialism, racism, and minority settler rule. Moreover the conference declares its respect for the African liberation movements and those groups which are taking up the cause of the total liberation of the African continent. We therefore call upon all the churches, particularly those in Southern Africa, to take practical steps to support the freedom struggle…”

At another meeting the PAC in May 1982 thanked the WCC and its various organs for their moral and financial support and expressed the hope that it would continue. In regard to civil disobedience Tutu said in an interview with the BBC, “laws that seem unjust to us… should not be obeyed; and then a disobedience process is set in motion on a large scale in which nearly all the laws of the legislation are disregarded, until this country becomes practically ungovernable.”

{This policy is still applied today in the year 2011}.

The Eloff Reports says, in the course of its “massive psychological campaign” against the existing power structure of the country the SACC more and more realized the importance of effective propaganda. Programs were therefore designed to alter the mental attitudes of the whites. Special efforts would be made to exploit opinion-forming institutions, such as the mass media, for those purposes. They realized that a well-directed propaganda effort would be absolutely necessary not only to “arouse and inform” the clergy but also on the level of the parishes and local pastors to enlist the necessary support for the “program of change.”

Constant defamation of the South Africa government was regarded as a fundamental element of this strategy; likewise the refusal to recognize the positive improvements that had been undertaken in many areas. Mendacious statements such as that the blacks in South Africa were in a condition of “permanent slavery” the South African System was comparable to the Nazi regime in Germany.

As for finances, the WCC received between the years 1975 and 1981 R17 million in donations from abroad, only ten percent of the money collected came from the WCC.

There were secret transfers from the UN Trust Fund (UNTFSA), channeled through the WCC. They canvassed leftist bodies as the International University Exchange Fund (IUEF). This organization gave money direct to the ANC, which they regarded as the leader of the national liberation movement. They gave money also to the PAC and SWAPO, the “only legitimate liberation movement in Namibia”. The activities of the IUEF [a front organization financed by the CIA] included programs for the training of specialists for the future liberated countries of Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa.” The IUEF was a body particularly hostile to South Africa, with the clearly stated intention of destroying the existing order with a coup.

Bishop Tutu had to admit in front of the judicial commission that he had twice personally addressed the SACC and that money had been sent to South Africa by detour through the WCC to disguise its real origin and enable them to give out to the South African public it was “church funds”.

The irreligious activities of the SACC are by no means an exceptional case; they are not confined to South Africa. For an example the government of Singapore recently ordered the dissolution of the Christian Conference of Asia, the regional headquarters of the WCC there. In a statement by the Foreign Minister the Council was accused of using Singapore as a theatre for pro-communist “liberation movements” all over Asia,

A country of such a Christian character as South Africa, whose churches are full every Sunday, whose government open every session with prayer (pre-1994) where grace is still said at the table and evening Bible readings are not uncommon, and the pastors still command the undisputed respect of their flocks – such a nation is particularly vulnerable through its churches and clergymen.

The enemies of South Africa have been long aware of that. By infiltrating the church leadership, subtle brainwashing of the clergy and training at christo-marxist seminars, they are attempting to undermine the churches, gradually converting them to a new, humanistic gospel and subject the unsuspecting believers to a process of political “re-education” almost unnoticed.

How is it possible that so many clergymen and church leaders nowadays preach a political “gospel” support militant atheist and have fallen into the pit of Marxist ideology so easily?

Perhaps that question can be answered by the Scriptures themselves. Which give clear warning of the seduction of the faithful in our time. But let us listen to the voice of a man who anathematizes Marxism and its adherents from his own excruciating experience in these words:

“Never before has the world seen a godlessness that has been so organized, militarized and evil through and through as that of Marxism. Within the philosophical system of Marx and Lenin hatred of God is the main driving force and the heart of their psychology, even more fundamental than their political and economic pretext, This militant atheism is not a mere fringe phenomenon of communist policy, not a mere side-effect, but its central pivot. To achieve its diabolical aims communism needs control over humanity that lives without religious faith and national consciousness. Both these intentions are openly admitted by the communists and no less openly put into practice.”

This is Alexandr Solzhenitsyn in 1983, a man who had good cause to know what he was talking about.

The attack on South Africa is not confined to its strategic minerals and control of the Cape route. It is the same time satanic, eschatological attack on one of the last strong bastions of Christianity still standing in the way of the Marxist New World Order and its universal pseudo-church.

It would heed goodwill for the people of the United State of America to take notice of what is happening in their country, as it will not be spared the unleashing of the godlessness of the Marxist system. South Africa fell in 1994, not all is lost, as we know our Most High God is not mocked, but examples and lessons can be taken of those who already went through the mill of Satan.


Source: The Plot against South Africa by Klaus D. Vaque. Varam Publishers, Pretoria, 1989.




  1. This is so sad , it was the only reliable source of the visions of Johanna Brand. I always came here for info. I pray you get it back soon .

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