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Monica Stone


I see so many cars with bumper stickers “God Bless America” and even stickers on letters with the same words and this made me think. Do we have the right to ask God’s Blessings for America? What gives us this arrogance that we think we deserve to be blessed? We must earn the blessings from God. It is not a cheap trinket from China, it is earned by hard work, diligent in our beliefs in Him, high moral standards and defying the lies of this world order we live in. This is not easy, it is really easier not to fight, because if we cannot “win” we join them attitude. God is not mocked we are going to pay dearly for participating in the shallow lifestyle we are experiencing today. This way of life became so ingrained into our being we cannot even imagine another lifestyle without all this insanity.

I cannot speak of what is happening in other states of these United States of America, but only from my viewpoint of what is happening in Louisiana, in particular the New Orleans area. We are living through the madness of Mardi Gras in the months of January-February. Because this “party of parties” have been institutionalized many years ago the population from not only Louisiana but the rest of the country got used to this idea of watching floats floating around the streets, beads flying through the air, shouts of joy when somebody catches one. I had the “privilege” of being in one of these parades. I cannot even begin to describe the faces of the people. The despair written on the faces of the adults, just staring to the cavalcade of bands, jumping (called modern dance) of the different dance schools, bands playing rap music, was very depressing. You could see in their eyes the worry, “where is the next meal coming from, how am I paying for the rent”. It seems these people are so lost, without any hope, only despair. I saw the little ones running to pick up the beads, or whatever is thrown at them from the floats, the adults just kicking the throws out of their way. The other shocking discovery was the mixed couples, whites with, black with brown, just a mixture like M&M’s. The dress-code was the other shocking experience, from casual to beach-wear, even in the freezing temperature of this particular day. The message I got was of “do not care, to trying to make a statement of protest” sort of mish-mash of signals only the particular individual is able to understand, why he/or she is trying to make the world take notice.

This parades-parties-get together time is the great equalizer for the simple folk watching the imaginary courts of kings and queens float by. The tolerance level between the different  races in their “enjoyment” of make believe is detrimental to the future of our children and our Race. The dope switching hands so very fast make this time ideal for trafficking right under the nose of the police without being detected.

The history of Mardi Gras began a long time ago. The ancient Romans celebrated the Lupercalia ( Lupercus involved crossed dressing and masquerading to promote sexual orgies) a sort of circus, not exactly like the Mardi Gras we know today. When Christianity was accepted by the Romans the Church fathers thought it was better to incorporate the pagan rituals into the new faith rather than even attempt to abandon the rituals altogether. In so doing Carnival became a period of abandon and merriment that preceded the penance of Lent, thus giving a Christian interpretation to ancient pagan custom.

Interesting Mardi Gras customs came with the French to New Orleans, but when the Spanish ruled this custom was banned. With pressure from the Creole population the governor permitted the masked balls. In 1827 street masking was legalized.

In 1909 Zulu appeared on the scene as a parody of Rex, King of Carnival, The Zulu King held a banana stalk scepter and wore a lard crown. Interesting note, the Krewe of Zulu became the most popular of all the krewes. I noticed the Krewe of Zulu dress like the American Indians and not as the Zulu from Zululand in South Africa, wonder why? Is it because the Zulu only wear a loincloth and goes bare feet. Only when he goes to war he has more “cover” in the way of a shield and a spear. Ironic in 1961 Zulu came under pressure from the black community who thought the krewe was undignified. Just a thought, if they were dressed the correct way what the 1961 community would have said then?

While families still flock to the parades changes took place. Especially in the French Quarter the partying became more of a drunken-nudity-unruly behavioral nature. This type of behavior is reflecting more of the original pagan celebrations. What was once deplored by the church has become a yearly institution generating millions of dollars for the City of New Orleans. God is completely absent in these festivities. In promoting Mardi Gras Godlessness is promoted. Then Fat Tuesday all and sundry go overboard with eating and partying and on Ash Wednesday they stand in line to get absolution and receive ashes on their foreheads. All is well when it ends well. At least we have respite of another year for the madness to appear in the streets of New Orleans and adjacent areas.

We are asking God to bless America with the bowing to the golden calf of football madness. I have nothing against sport, good clean sport not the commercialized hooliganism we see and live today. Here again we are faced with paganism in its raw form, the “patrons” who are painting their faces, the drunkenness and drug abuse. Millions and millions of dollars change hands with every game and in between. The “salaries” paid to the players in this circus to keep the population’s attention away from the real issues.

The following information really upsets my idea of what is good taste. Herewith some information regarding the stars of the American football scene:

Wayfron P. Jackson: Loves rap music, will demand a mini-cassette in his helmet Currently holds world record for the most “you knows” during an interview. At least he can print his complete name.

Quinticious Jenkins: Led the state of North Carolina in burglaries, but has only 9 convictions.

Tyrone “Python” Peoples: Has a pending paternity suit and two rape trials, but hope none of his other 9 victims will file charges.

Enough said. The people will forgive the players anything as long as they can run fast have enough touch downs to win for whichever team they play for. These players earn millions of dollars a year running around with a ball and do not contribute anything to the betterment of even their own people or the community at large. The masses will follow the beast in wonderment, just as long as he plays a good game and take the attention of the misery of the times we are living in.

Every year over Labor Day weekend New Orleans hosts the “Decadence Festival”. The name says it all this is the time when all the gays, outcasts and misfits of society get together to celebrate with nudity and orgies in the streets of the French Quarter scenes too distasteful to put into print in any decent news paper, especially the CDL Report. There is no outcry about this circus it brings millions of dollars to the coffers of the City of New Orleans. For the god of money New Orleans sold her soul a very long time ago. This city is without soul, she is run by soulless people and those not taking care of what they get themselves into stand the chance losing their souls too.

A year or two ago the bicycle run, so popular in San Francisco was held in New Orleans. What is meant by this, everyone riding a bicycle does in complete nudity, but for a helmet and their shoes. People sitting along the road watching this just as in the Mardi Gras period, no different, only no beads and trinkets are thrown to the spectators. This happened only once, so for this we are grateful.

New Orleans pleads a connection and ties to their homeland Haiti, stating the origin of voodoo which is rampant in New Orleans. Therefore the doors must open to bring to Louisiana as many as possible Haitians. No mention of Christianity and the dangers of voodoo and the impact of this witchcraft on the population of Louisiana and the other states of the Union. As with Mardi Gras voodoo has been incorporated with Christianity and made acceptable by the church. I remember when a dear friend of mine Dr. Bill Finley who was a bishop in the Anglican Church was made bishop of SOWETO, a black township his clash with voodoo came very quickly when he walked into the church and saw the congregation slaughtering a white goat and ranting their voodoo. When he reprimanded them he was told they received permission from the Church Leaders to incorporate this inhumane act. Dr. Finley walked out of there never to go back as he called the Arch Bishop of Canterbury and resigned. Do have men standing their ground regarding these unholy acts these days? I hope and pray they are out there somewhere.

In an article which appeared in “The Times Picayune” dated Saturday  February 27, 2010 a story was printed about the Fitzgibbon family and a picture of the siblings was prominent in showing two Haitian children and their “sister” Isa who is white. The mother Paula is a pastor in the church and she stated, “Voodoo is interwoven into every bit of a Haitian person’s life. I’m at least representing them with some part of their spiritual heritage. I can offer them enough that will be familiar with voodoo when they get to the point of making their own religious choices about spirituality and religion.”

The Fitzgibbon family believes their children can learn the value of voodoo in a Christian context. Every night this family practices voodoo and say voodoo prayers.

The most recent very obvious “political correct” celebration was held, namely the Hollywood Oscar circus. I have a problem even mentioning the names of these people, but the one (white woman) got the Oscar for adopting a black boy and made him a football star. The other woman got the Oscar for promoting a war, the war in Iraq where they are still trying to find the weapons of mass destruction. Then of course there is the supporting actor in an anti-German film. If this action is not promoting the issues of the soulless rulers, I do not know and understand what is. Three agendas where covered here, the race mixing, war and anti-German propaganda. Who is ruling in Hollywood, as forever the anti-God soulless Jew.

How is this possible in a fundamental Christian nation, why is it allowed? It is allowed because all over the world the Christian nations of the West are ruled by a soulless people. These rulers do not care one iota about Christianity, God and the good of the people. It is control and absolute control and the War against the Children, the Sons and Daughters of the Most High God is today more intense than ever before. These soulless rulers know and do not think for one moment that they do not know they are losing this War, but they will keep on trying, but we as the Children of God know He is Supreme and Almighty and no evil will prevail in the end. More and more natural disaster will take place, these earth quakes are just the beginning. God is not mocked. He is going to shake the earth and every knee shall bow and every mouth shall proclaim “God is God”.

With all the evil deeds, circuses, following the beast in wonderment, how can we have the audacity to ask God, “Bless America.” Not before we turn back to our Heavenly Father will any blessings be bestowed on this tragic race of these United States of America. So with all our hearts and with the ever loving soul and spirit he created us with, go down on your knees and ask forgiveness and stop participating in all these evil pagan celebrations.




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