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The earth, only true Altar of God, had offered
up a sacrifice of life and sorrow to atone for the
sins of mankind. Man had not sin in deed but
in the things he had failed to do. Man suffers not
only for what he does but for what he fails to do.
He is not chastised for making mistakes but for
failing to recognize and rectify them.


Consider the ruthlessness of rulers, the greed
of the rich and the willfulness of the powerful. If
these dare to enslave the Earth and wreck misery
upon the people, knowing they can enjoy the fruits
of their oppression but a brief span of years, what
would they set out to achieve were their span
of life doubled or were they immortal?


This do I say: I condemn the lawmakers who
issue unjust and devious decrees, who seek to hide
their true intent under a mountain of words. I
condemn the unjust laws armed with the sword of legality.
I condemn the judges who spread a legal
covering over cunningly laid traps and snare men
in nets made with words. They deceive the ignorant
and simple with false masks of legality. Truth and
Justice weep outside the courthouse. I condemn
also those who stir up strife under protection of
the law, who cause legal mischief or deal in legal
deception to rob the innocent and unwary. Wickedness
has many faces but the most hideous is that of
those who twists the laws to serve selfish ends, or
treat the downtrodden with harsh injustice.


Man chooses wrong instead of right for just
two reasons, either it is the easy path of least resistance,
or it is the most alluring. Consequently, the Good
Religion must first concern itself with establishing
strength of character and moral backbone,
for these form the only foundation upon which the
palace of spirituality can be erected.

Long ages ago man took the wrong path and
Was led astray still further but guides with insufficient
knowledge of the way. They knew the general
direction, but their maps were faulty. Now man
is lost in the swamps of spiritual barrenness and
the marshes of decay. His vision cannot
penetrate the thick mists of mortal and material illusion
which have closed in upon him. He has lost
all confidence in his guides and feels betrayed,
abandoned and lonely.


Those who seek to shun the battle of life because
of cowardice or selfishness, find that their
attempts to run away are in vain, for the Law compels
them to engage. Because human destiny, individual
and collective, is bound to the rock of the
Law, that which is avoided is enforced.

I come before the dire days to carry a sword
against evils which threaten our race, and to direct
the struggle of man into correct channels. Be true
to yourself and answer accordingly to your own
inner knowledge. Are your God-given qualities,
which all possess, marshalled to carry out the
Designs of God?

The rallying has sounded and it echoes in
every responsive heart. Arm yourself for the fray
with the God-given powers within. Align them to
fight on the side of good. The call has gone out
and the inner forces of every Real Man are
required to rally to the cause of humankind.

If everyone in the world would rally their
own special forces within and throw these into the
battle on the side of good, the Earth would
overflow with goodness.

Men and women are apathetic, instead of
taking up the sword against evil, they stand aside like
menials. So evil grows and the main cause of the
present sorry state, of the people is man’s lack of
fighting spirit. In war it is the cause that counts and
it is not enough to resist evil. It must be attacked.

When you have conquered the weskness
within yourself and assumed full control, you are a
true knight ready to go out and fight. The trumpet
has sounded and the rallying cry rings out, so do
not seek the place of protection. Do not hesitate in
this dramatic hour. Say not that these things
foreshadow things in days far ahead, or that they are
residue from the past.

Cease all disagreement among yourselves, Unite
as comrades in arms. There will, of course,
be arguments and differences, but be men enough
not to let them divide you. We are our present
sorry state because of past disunity and
disobedience to the Law. Do not allow the knights of
right to be disarmed, and fight against the Realm of

It is a manifest thing that the kingdoms divided
against themselves are destroyed by more united
forces. Yet is not the Kingdom of God divided
against itself?

Be ready to take orders as to give them, for
no man has the qualities of leadership who cannot
also obey. All soldiers in the Holy Army must be
well disciplined. How otherwise can the battle be
won? If we falter in this, the infidel and heretic will
prevail and the long weary journey be abortive.

Man chooses as he will and it is entirely up to
him whether or not he does a thing. Of what benefit
Is a high position to man who uses the power he
has over the lives of others only for purposes of
boosting his own arrogance and false pride; who uses
it only for his own pleasure and not to serve others.

God has given man shepherds to guide him
and indicate the path. But these shepherds cannot,
of themselves alone, gain such leadership and
guidance unless inspired by the Spirit of God. Man
must be guided according to his spiritual needs
and not according to his worldly needs.

Therefore, God has ordained a means whereby
these shepherds may be found, and He has told
them what to teach the people and in what manner
to accord with their understanding and acceptance,
The Way is complex, as can be seen through these

HOSEA 4: 1-13

Hear the Lord’s message, you sons of Israel!
For the Land’s people contend with the LORD.
For there is no truth, – and there is no mercy,-
And there is no knowledge of God in the country!
But there is perjury, lying and theft!
Adultery is rampant, and blood follows blood-
Therefore the Country is weak and languid,
And the beasts of the field, and the birds of the skies,
And even the fish in the waters faint!
Alas, no man warns! No man will reprove!
And your people like priests who revolt!
And you and your Preachers both stumble by day,
So at night I will lock you up both your mother and you.

For want of reflection My people will perish;
For you have rejected all thought from yourselves.
So I reject you from the Priesthood to Me;-
And having abandoned the Laws of your God,
I will abandon your children Myself!-
As against Me they sinned in their power,
To contempt I will change all their honor,
As on the sin of My people they feed,
Those crimes they shall carry upon their own souls!
And as of the Mass, it shall be with the Priest,-
On each will I lay the result of their ways;
And turn back their paths on themselves.
They eat but they never are filled;
They whore but they never increase!
For they pay no regard to the Lord!-
For whoredom, and wine, and a strong drink,
Have seized upon all of their hearts.

My people ask guidance of wood, and of sticks,-
For the spirit of whoredom deludes,
And they whore themselves far from their God!
On the top of the mountain they offer u gifts,
And they burn their perfumes on the Peaks!
Under Oak trees and Poplars and Pines,
For the sake of cool shade they give;
So your daughters are whored,
And your brides are all foully defiled!

I have as an introduction to this article excerpts from THE KOLBRIN as well as FERRAR FENTON Translation of the Bible to proof a point that WE HAVE A WHITE PROBLEM and that this problem is nothing new. This problem has been for us for eons of time, but of course when you ignore a problem and not rectify same, the situation would get out of control and this is exactly where we find ourselves at this point in time. There is no more time to live in ignorance, denial and most of all a state where we can say, “we will leave this till the morrow.” The bottom line is we cannot leave this dire situation till tomorrow, we will have to face this sooner than later. We are standing on the edge of the abyss, it is not 5 minutes to midnight we have seconds to go for the bell to toll the death sentence of the White Race. The question is what are we going to do roll over and die a vicious death, as is already happening, or at least fight this war with dignity? We might as well armor ourselves and go to war and die with grace and Holy Knighthood rather than wimpering cowards.
We have a White Problem. I know this remark or statement is going to outrage the majority of those we call members of the White Race. This remark is sensitive, we do not want to acknowledge past and present mistakes, transgressions and most of all stupidity. The mere fact that we keep on denying WE HAVE A WHITE PROBLEM makes the situation the White Race finds itself in, even more suicidal, scary and the denial in itself is leading to the destruction of the White Race as a whole. In saying this, denial is insanity and this state of mind is destroying the very core of the White Race.
We have been misled by a circle, a club, organizations, clergy, the church, banks, etc. just to name a few which in my point of view really fit into the category of being plain gangsters. All of these leading figures have the appearance of being “white” men and women. Why the parenthesis? The “whiteness” in my opinion just being a veneer to cover up their darkness, their soulless existence. I have no way of course, to proof this statement, I do not have any other way to describe these soulless creatures who have for centuries fought against the Children of the Light, the Children of the Most High God. This war is for too many of the Children of the Light beyond comprehension, it is so evil, there is but now words describing this state of attack in any simple words. I cannot do this, as I do not have the ability to put into words what is this turmoil of trying to understand this vile attack in my very soul/spirit and my way of expressing this. So if there is someone out there reading this who can explain it so that it is understandable to our People who are suffering the harshest attack than ever before, a war to now completely destroy what is left of White civilization and the Race who built it, worldwide , please do so. In the meantime I will try my best to put on paper my observations and ideas.
Too many mistakes have been made by the Whites, too numerous to mention. I am going to concentrate only on some mistakes the White Race caused especially on the continent of Africa. The insanity of the White Race preaching the gospel of equality destroyed every White Colony in Africa. The British had by far the most colonies in Africa. The ruling class of the day allowed themselves to give in to the fashion of the moment, namely “majority rule” by this definition of course the phrase meant Black rule, even if the newly “elected” government is competent or not. Competence is of no importance, Majority Rule is. The first British colony to fall was Ghana and still today the country is in shambles, the return to the jungle was imminent and so rest of the colonies by the Belgians, French, Dutch and Portuguese followed. The German colonies were lost after WWI, with German South West Africa under the mandate of South Africa.
That the White Colonies were lost to Majority Rule made ripples right across the White Western World. Heads of Black States are revered as “statesmen” it does not matter how corrupt, criminal or savage they are. Because of the White Race surrendering to sinister powers a monster was created which can if not stopped can destroy all civilization as we know it.
By Majority Rule we now of course, know that it meant the end of White Civilization as it opened the door to Black dictatorship in all countries in Africa. It opened doors to murder kill and maim the Whites and not to leave out the reality of the day, the killing of Africans on a scale Whites never experienced before. What are the Soulless Ones do about this, NOTHING, this is their civilization of chaos, murder, torture the Devil’s killing fields as the spilling of the blood gives him pleasure and his henchmen revel in this situation. The Soulless Ones thrive in chaos, they do not understand Order, this is the domain of the Most High God Who is the eternal enemy of their god who is ruling and ruining (or trying to) the creation established and perfected aeons of time ago. This war has been raging since Archangel Michael fought Lucifer and the Son of the Morning Star was thrown out of the Heavens at which point he swore vengeance against the Creator. By destroying the Children of Light, the Aryan Race, he can claim his victory once and for all.
As the KOLBRIN so rightly stated, we are being punished because we did not fight Evil, we still do not do this. If we do not take up the Sword to stop this war, and only when we show the Most High God we are prepared to do this will He come to our side, we are losing and maybe cease to exist in toto. Do we want this, NO of course not, we have to find the courage and the will to fight these Soulless Ones who sitting in their counting houses, in all governments, parliaments and key positions to aid abet the millions of trolls fighting on their side for the destruction of the White Race.
Why is it that we have a White problem? We see around us how the Whites try to be more African than the Africans, more Indian than the Indians and more degenerate than the dregs of humanity. We see it in their demeanor, lack of morality, manners, no interest in who and what they are, where there roots are, their inheritance and most of all no idea of how precious the bloodline is and no interest in preserving same. The war the Jews are waging against the Aryan Race seems to be victorious, but we know better, the inner core of our people are healthy and has the Will to triumph against all odds.
We have an uphill battle to educate, instruct and lead those of our own to understand and know that their purpose in the Creation and balance of Nature is precious and not to be destroyed. This knowledge and vision is not for the masses, but only a few. This situation the White Race finds itself in is precarious, but as always the fittest will survive and this we will.
If it was not for the weakness of the White Race, lack of vision and purpose and what he was supposed to do, we would not have found ourselves in this near to extinction position. We showed weakness to all other races and they utilized this, they took over, gloating in their power position and sucking like the parasites they are the lifeblood of the Aryan. We have a White problem and now is the time to pull ourselves together, acknowledged what is wrong with our own, work with it, sort it out and get our act together to get back what was lost and start building towards our rightful place as was ordained eons ago. We have to stop blaming others for our lack of will, outlook and stop following the fashion of being a nonentity as this degrading and does not suit the Aryan at all.
You can pray, “God help me”, when you have
expended the last ounce of your strength, for He
did not place men on Earth to play but to work.
Duty, obligation and responsibility are the man-
makers, and these are slighted in the times and
places where men are less than men. Always reach
out beyond the frontiers of your limitations, for if
you believe a thing to be impossible, then you
yourself have made it so.


“They are a race who enjoys unmanly pleasures,
who delights in the infliction of pain on the
helpless but cringes like a dog at the prospect of its
own suffering. Whose approbation is more to be
feared and its friendship more to be shunned than
its enmity. Never will I surrender to people whose
ways I abhor, nor will I ever desire to live to see
my countrymen treated as servile serfs. May the
Great Godly Powers be with us now in the great
Testing time, as we gird ourselves to face the

By Sterling Harwood, J.D., Ph.D
In the times of my confusion, in the hour of my deepest need
When the pool of tears beneath my feet flood every newborn see
There’s a dying voice within me reaching out somewhere
Toiling in the danger and the morals of despair.

Don’t have the inclination to look back on any mistake
Like Cain, I now behold this chain of events that I must break
In the fury of the moment I can see the master’s hand
In every leaf that trembles, in every grain of sand.

I gaze into the doorway of temptation’s angry flame
And every time I pass that way I always hear my name
Then onward in my journey I come to understand
That every hair is numbered like every grain of sand.

In the violence of a summer’s dream, in the chill of a wintry light
In the bitter dance of loneliness fading into space
In a broken mirror of innocence on each forgotten face.

Sometimes I turn, there’s someone there, other times it’s only me
I am hanging in the balance of the reality of man
Like every sparrow falling, like every grain of sand.

We have and had many prophets, we had ample warning so we have no excuse for the dire straits we find ourselves in. We are under contract to do what we have to do, we owe it to our Almighty Father, Creator of the Heavens and the Earth and to those now living and those who are yet to be born. So let us undertake this duty with the Spirit of the Aryan Warrior, there is no other way.



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