The struggle for Southern Africa can only be understood if seen in world-historical perspective.
That means that we must see what is happening in Southern Africa as part of what is happening in many other parts of the world and we must see what is happening today as only part of what has been happening since the beginning of the present century and even earlier.
Archaeologists were long puzzled by scattered remnants of ancient buildings and other signs of former human occupation in Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America; it was only when these areas could be seen and photographed from a great height that all the different signs could be recognized as part of some grand design, the outlines of a once-great city.
It is the same with modern power politics. The facts which can be studied at closed quarters are often meaningless; seen as part of some design, they fall into place, and additional facts are absorbed and explained as soon as they are found.
The “grand design” which gives meaning to what is now happening in Southern Africa was never expressed more simply or more clearly than by Douglas Reed, former London Times foreign correspondent and author, when he wrote in FAR AND WIDE (1951):
The money-power and the revolutionary power have been set up and given sham but symbolic shapes (‘Capitalism and ‘Communism’) and sharply defined citadels (‘America’ and ‘Russia’). Suitably to alarm the mass mind, the picture offered is that of bleak and hopeless enmity and confrontation…..But what if similar men, with a common aim, secretly rule in both camps and propose to achieve their ambition through the clash between those masses? I believe any diligent student of our times will discover that this is the case.
What this means is that at the very highest level, where the “incognito rulers of nations” operate, there is collusion and cooperation between the power-wielders on both sides of the so-called Iron curtain.
The picture is confused, of course, by the presence in both camps and especially the Western one, of people of all kinds, some of them in positions of great power and influence, who haven’t the faintest idea of how their activities fit into the grand design. These include a host of puppet politicians, of whom Mr. Jimmy Carter, the President of the United Sates, is a conspicuous example.
When we study developments on the continent of Africa since Mr. Harold MacMillan delivered his Winds of Change speech in Cape Town in January 1960 we find that the roles of the two super-powers exhibit the characteristics of design.
One of the features of this design is that revolutionary changes have been brought about, not as a result of what this or that super-power did, but always as a result of the combined activities of both.
The role of the United States could be described as initiatory and positive, and that of the Communists, whether of the Soviet Union or Red China, as secondary and negative.
Forces centered in the West, chief among them the United States, were mainly responsible for destroying what Dr. Franco Nogueira, former Portuguese Foreign Minister, described as “the old form of sovereignty” creating power vacuums which the Communists, most frequently the Soviet Union, were waiting in the sideline to fill.
Without the “winds of change” generated in the West and financed to the tune of countless millions of dollars, there could have been virtually no Communist expansion in Africa.
That is one of the incontestable facts of contemporary history.
S.W.A. – Point of Maximum Pressure
The point of maximum pressure in Southern Africa at this moment is not Rhodesia – it is South West Africa.
In Rhodesia, by reason of the failure of the external powers to create even a semblance of unity among the Black nationalist groups, it looks as if the situation will remain for some time one of stalemate.
It is only in South West Africa that external forces can afford to feel optimistic; indeed if reports in the Press are well founded they can even begin to celebrate, for there are indications that the South African Government is prepared to yield to pressure and scrap everything that the Turntable conference has achieved.
The situation in South West Africa is basically quite simple.
The South African Government hoped to be able to satisfy external demands for political determination in that territory by setting up a form of government which would take into account the racial diversity of its people. The idea was to give the different racial and linguistic groups a limited form of local autonomy under the umbrella of central government in which all could expect to be able to exert some influence.
So long as the squabbling went on inside the Turnhalle no one outside the territory minded very much, but when it began to appear that the Turnhalle exercise might succeed in preparing the ground for viable interim government, external forces came in with a rush – representatives of Britain, the United States, Canada, France and Western Germany descended on Mr. John Vorster in Cape Town and afterwards hurried off to Windhoek to interview and argue with the Turnhalle delegates.
“Precarious and Artificial”
Obviously there is a vital difference of opinion between South Africa and these nations of the West as to the exact form of “self-government” in South West Africa should take.
So what is it that the external forces want?
A remark by Dr. Franco Nogueira, former Portuguese Foreign Minister, as long ago as 1963, provides a complete answer to that question: “A form of autonomy and independence has been created which ensures the destruction of the old forms of sovereignty and permits the setting up of new forms of sovereignty so precarious and artificial that it is an easy matter to dominate them.”
Dr. Nogueira was referring to revolutionary changes which had already taken place in Africa and which were destined within a few years to engulf also the Portuguese provinces of Angola and Mozambique.
In this new “scramble for Africa” by an invading imperialism of money what is wanted in South West Africa is a regime which can be easily manipulated and controlled from outside.
Genuine self-determination, any system of government permitting the exercise of the real will of the different peoples of that territory is, therefore, regarded as wholly unacceptable.
The newspapers report confidentially that “Mr. Vorster has made a five point agreement with the Western powers.”
The French ambassador, Mr. Jaques Schricke, one of those who called on Mr. Vorster recently, is said to have told SWAPO that these five points include “free elections in South West Africa on the basis of one-man-one-vote. United Nations involvement in the elections and the setting up of a Central Administration Authority (C.A.A.) to administer the territory on an interim basis.”
Behind Communism
Whether or not these statements are true we cannot know until Mr. Vorster tells us.
What we do know is that arrangements have been made for further discussions between the Prime Minister and representatives of the five nations.
This is certain: if the South African Government yields to pressure and creates in South West Africa a power vacuum which only SWAPO with its immense financial backing from outside can fill, then the writing is on the wall for all Southern Africa.
If Mr. Vorster, and those about him cannot muster the insight and fortitude to stand firm on South West Africa, how can they hope to be able to resist the heavier pressures which could be brought to bear from a firmly established enemy bridgehead in South West Africa? And if they yield on principle in South West Africa, how can they invoke the same abandoned principle in South Africa?
Let us not be deceived at all Mr. Carter’s talk about “human rights”. Those seeking to promote that grand design in which all national and other group boundaries are to be obliterated haven’t the slighted interest in the human rights of the people of South West Africa.
Nor have these Western powers, the Carter Administration included, the slightest misgivings about the Communist ideology and the Soviet associations of the SWAPO group which has been groomed for a take-over in South West Africa.
“A political leader who does not know what Communism is, how it originated and what are its long-range objectives, is a danger to the people who follow him and trust him, for he is sure to lead them to disaster if they follow him long enough” – Ivor Benson, Behind Communism in Africa.
The main mark of modern governments is that we do not know who governs, de facto any more than de jure. We see the politician and not his backer; still less the backer of the backer; or, what is most important of all, the banker of the backer. Throned above all, in a manner without parallel in all the past, is the veiled prophet of finance, swaying all men living by a sort of magic.–G.K. Chesterton.
What can they do?
If the people of Southern Africa are to resist the pressures now being exerted for revolutionary changes which amount to nothing less than surrender and national suicide, they need, before all else, sound information. In military circles this is called Intelligence, the prerequisite of effective action.
And the most important part of the required intelligence consists of accurate assessments of our own strength and of the opponent’s strength. Without such information we cannot know what our opponent can do and might do, and we cannot know with confidence that we can do in defending our position.
There have been all sorts of veiled threats about what action the United States might take in presenting South Africa’s white with a sort of Godfather’s “offer they cannot refuse”.
We may be sure that Mr. Carter, or rather those who manipulate him, are desperately anxious not to have to involve themselves in drastic action. Their hopes are pinned on talking the South Africans and Rhodesians into submission and they can be expected to go on talking for a long time. This view is much strengthened by Mr. Andrew Young’s uncharacteristic speech in Mozambique last month. We may be sure that for once it was not the civil rights agitator with a chip on his shoulder was speaking, he was reading a speech written for him back in Washington.
Carter’s Shaky Base
Positive action, as distinct from psychological warfare, requires, before all else what the theoreticians of struggle call a firm base. Unlike the Godfather when he make someone “an offer he cannot refuse”, the Carter administration has no firm base and is no position to give instant effect to its veiled threats.
The Carter administration is itself the product of political fraud on a scale perhaps never experienced before in history, and a large and increasing number of the American people know this.
Barely 50 per cent of eligible voters trouble to go to the polls, in the last presidential election and the support for Mr. Carter was only 27 per cent, including the 4 per cent Negro vote. That means that only 23 per cent of the American whites were sufficiently motivated to turn out and vote for him.
Bitter Disillusionment
We also know that the American public is massively and intensely disillusioned about their politicians. Indeed, anyone who travels the United States today soon realizes that politicians, of no matter what party, are regarded as just about the lowest form of animal life – and for good reason! The daily bellowing of the mass media cannot conceal the truth that millions of Americans bitterly detest an administration which, like many which have preceded it, is being controlled by aliens of the Eastern Establishment – in other words, the czars of High Finance centered in New York.
The total number of conservative and patriotic American organizations which give expression to these sentiments of disapproval has been estimated at about 3,000 – all, of course, condemned regularly by establishment politicians and media as “rightwing extremists”, etc. etc. Among other phenomena not much publicized by the media, for obvious reasons, is a nationwide “tax strike” which is gathering weight and momentum in America like a snowball rolling downhill. That means that millions of Americans are refusing to pay for the destruction of everything they value at the hands of their incognito rulers.
‘Cyclone’ Danger
It needs no great exercise of the imagination to know in advance what would happen if the Carter administration tried to do something drastic in trying to overcome Southern African resistance. It could precipitate a showdown which could quickly destroy the power of the alien oligarchy which now manipulates American politics. Conditions are being created in the United States for a political cyclone – and well America’s alien oligarchy knows it!
All that is required is that the people of Southern Africa should be able to find the courage and the resolution to call their enemy’s bluff, if they want to be sure that extreme measures are not used against them they must leave the world in no doubt that they are morally and physically prepared to resist extreme measures. They are certainly not going to be able to defeat bluff with bluff.
There is only one counter-measure to the buff being practiced and that is a national manifestation of defiance and heroism which could blow into a great flame the smoldering resentment of the American people, and millions in other countries, against the occult forces which manipulate their politicians.
“The perjurers and their kept Press will call it counter-revolution. Its proper names will be The Conspiracy of Truth”. – Douglas Reed.



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