1. Hey Jewry(nazi)

    All true National Socialists hate racism and racist people. National Socialism itself rose up against Jews that wanted to destroy White people through racism and bigotry. Here are some facts that the English (Americans, Australians etc, etc) and their ilk around the globe as well as those perverted French, won’t tell you:

    Regarding Black people:
    Hitler’s best friend was half-Black (Moorish)
    Not a single Black person was ever shamed in Germany for being Black
    There was no system of supremacy in Germany holding down Black people (U.S still has these systems)
    Black people lived in Germany peacefully (They still suffer in the U.S)
    Not a single Black person was ever lynched in Germany
    Not a single Black person was ever enslaved in Germany
    Black Interracial marriage was allowed in Germany (Not in the U.S until 30 years after Germany was pulverized)
    Black men served in Germany’s military as equals (were segregated in the U.S during WW2)
    Not a single Black man was murdered for being Black in Germany (still happening in the U.S today)

    Regarding Asians:
    Hitler envied Japan and wanted Germany to be like Japan in many ways
    Hitler’s most powerful ally was Japanese

    Regarding Multiculturalism:
    National Socialist Germany was the most advanced and multi-cultural White nation the planet ever saw. It was multiculturalism done right. Not the nightmare we have today
    The parties symbol, symbolized multiculturalism
    Arabs, Indians Asians and Blacks all served Hitler as equals

    VS The U.S:
    In every facet of life, culture, technology and intellect, the U.S is still third-rate compared to Germany. Drive a BMW M5, then drive a Ford Mustang and you will see cultural superiority in every detail
    Look at Detroit, Chicago, the Watts and other war zones in the U.S. Now try to find their equivalent in Germany
    The U.S was founded on bloodshed. Not Germany
    The U.S was founded on racial genocide. Not Germany
    The U.S was founded through thievery. Not Germany
    The U.S remains the only nation in history to use weapons of mass destruction. Not once, but twice!
    The U.S has murdered millions upon millions more through war than Germany
    The U.S has invaded 32 nations since 1950. Germany never invaded a single nation except Russia
    During the kangaroo Nuremberg trials, Goering was asked by the Jew prosecutor: “What gave your government the moral authority to subjugate a people based on race?” Goering answered: “Your KKK”
    The U.S broke international laws 6,000 times prior to WW2. Germany broke none!
    The U.S broke every known Geneva Convention rules of war. Germany broke none!

    Bullshit vs Facts:
    Bullshit: Hitler was the most evil person of all time. Highly subjective
    Facts: Joseph Stalin was. Irrefutably so!

    Bullshit: Hitler hated Jews. That’s wrong!
    Facts: The Jews hate all non-Jews. Eye for an eye!

    Bullshit: Hitler massacred 6 million Jews.
    Facts: Yesterday, it was 1.5 million. Today its 6. Tomorrow it will be 4 and next year, who knows? The Holocaust is, at this point, pure bullshit!

    Bullshit: Hitler massacred 6 million Jews pt2
    Facts: The Jews have massacred 300,000,000 White people and destroyed every White nation on earth. Cry me a fucking river! Eye for an eye!

    Bullshit: Hitler was racist
    Facts: Only against Jews. Which is morally acceptable since their religion and entire existence teaches that they are racially superior! “Jews are Gods chosen people!”. Right! Burn them all!

    Bullshit: I “escaped” from Germany
    Facts: You’re a liar that sucks a 2″, circumcised Jewish dick! No one ever “escaped” from Germany because no one had to. The entire world was free to travel to and from Germany

    Bullshit: Hitler was a war monger
    Facts: A man that dedicated his whole life to rebuilding Germany had no intentions of destroying it through war. Those were England’s and America’s plans. This is funny coming from the English!

    Bullshit: Hitler invaded France
    Facts: France declared war on Germany for taking Germany back. Hitler took France away and gave it right back without firing a single shot! Too bad he didn’t leave it in ashes!

    Bullshit: Hitler invaded England
    Facts: England declared war on Germany. Even if he did invade, bravo to him. He should have liquidated the English from the face of the earth! That’s why 350,000 Indians enlisted to help Germany!

    Bullshit: Hitler invaded Russia
    Facts: Good! England, France and the U.S would have helped if they weren’t all owned and operated by Jews!

    Bullshit: Hitler invaded Poland
    Facts: The league of nations didn’t allow/invite Germany to be a part of it. Therefore, Germany had no obligations to respect any rules put forth by this sham of an organization. Hitler took back what was immorally given away after WW1

    Bullshit: Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia
    Facts: The league of nations didn’t allow/invite Germany to be a part of it. Therefore, Germany had no obligations to respect any rules put forth by this sham of an organization. Hitler took back what was immorally given away after WW1

    Bullshit: Hitler’s Germany was the most evil empire ever!
    Facts: Native Americans, Indians, Koreans, Chinese, Mexicans and Black people don’t agree. They all got fucked by the English and Americans. Not Germans! England/America are factually the most evil empires to ever exist! England owned 60% of the entire planet at one time. If that is not invasion and theft, tell me what is! Who screams the loudest against Hitler and Germany… hint, hint… the left over diseased White liberals of the English and French persuasion! They sing their national anthems and thump their chests in pride! They fancy themselves the lords of the earth. Superior in every way to all other people! Millions of colored people around the globe still wish that Hitler and Germany would have won if only to liquidate English/American imperialism. People of color have always regarded NS Germany as the pinnacle of White cultural superiority. Because it was! And it was reduced to rubble by a bunch of homosexual Frenchman and the most evil White clan to ever exist in human history: the English! A White clan universally hated by all others. The English are so fucking subhuman, that their own children all seceded from them. Nearly every single English settlement declared their independence from England. When your own children hate you, it says everything about you.

    Bullshit: Hitler broke agreements through Barbarossa
    Facts: Good! The only good communist is one rotting under the sun! Humanity has an obligation to murder every last Marxist! Murder them all in cold blood!

    VS Russia:
    Russia was taken over by force and bloodshed through Bolshevism. Bolshevism was exclusively Jewish
    Communism turned Russia into a wasteland. A wasteland that still exists today. Russia is the most culturally bankrupt White nation on earth because of communism. Ask any north American about the KHL and what a Hockey player deals with in Russia. When you starve your own people, you turn them into thieves! That is precisely why Hitler was going to stop at nothing to liquidate Jews and communism from the face of the earth. For that, I hold nothing against him! Every Marxist should have their fucking skin peeled off!

    If the world cheers Black Africans for throwing off an oppressive, racist White minority regime in Apartheid South Africa, we should all extend Germany and Germans the same support for throwing off a racist, backwards, bigoted and evil Jewish minority that ran Germany into the ground and turned so many Germans into subhumans. The U.S today is Germany post 1933. When you have a world leader like Hitler threatening to destroy the illuminati, destroy the Free Masons, destroy global bankers, liquidate multinational corporations, erase Christianity from White consciousness and to set a standard that would force all world leaders to dedicate their lives to serving their people…. well… you got a big, big fucking problem because the same group of men that did away with Hitler and Germany are now full steam ahead on the entire planet today.

    The people that hate Hitler and NSDAP Germany:

    Homosexuals (The English as a whole)
    Feminists (English White women)
    Cuckolds (The French)
    Christians (Mental Defectives)
    SJW’s (ill educated and conditioned White yuppies)
    Black coons (trying to be White liberals)
    White coons (trying to be Jew Marxists)
    People with not a drop of fucking skill or talent in creating or building anything useful
    Sports junkies (your White, fat, American redneck)
    TV educated zombies

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