Imagine, you pick up your phone to call your friend at which point a recorded announcement is heard:

“In a recent telephone conversation your violated this service’s standards. You cannot make or receive calls for the next 30-days.”

Welcome to the NATO West where freedom of expression is as censored as it was in the former Soviet Bloc.

I have three Facebook accounts, two of which are blocked at any one time, a situation that millions suffer from. This reminds us of our fate if we don’t act now. These sinister immoral bastards will as quickly shoot us as block us.

Facebook can dodge the bullet but it can’t avoid shrapnel and shot. The power of Fascism is shown in the FASCES symbol. It is easy to break one stick but many sticks bound together are impossible to break.

THIS WEEK I turned down two good paying ghost-writing orders from new authors. I want to focus on getting the truth out to as wider audience as possible.

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Never Seen Before Footage (Full Documentary) Of The Reality Of #FARMMURDERS In South Africa By Carte Blanche [VIDEO]
So….. the video documentary by Carte Blanche’s award-winning investigative journalist, Devi Sankaree Govender about the reality of #Farmmurders (Genocide) in South Africa, that they refused to air, is posted here for the World to see. Please share, and share again!

Their slogan: “You have the right to see it all” is, according to them not applicable when it comes to facts about #Farmattacks and Genocide against whites! WHY are they sweeping it under the rug?
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The global news landscape flows so fast it’s like we’re looking at it from a train window. In terms of influence and story shares THE ETHNIC-EUROPEAN has passed globalist corporate owned state collaboration media.

Visitor and viewer statistics, a sharp increase in followers, story shares, ping backs, re-blogs, fuel an ever rising pinnacle on the user graphs.

The biggies take up our stories; we’re proud to our being partnered by Veterans Today, The Barnes Review, and Russian Insider. There was also the SPUTNIK International broadcast.

Amazon Books can best be described as ‘The Reptile House’ as there is just the occasional lifting of an eyelid. Against all trends, book sales are incomprehensibly down.

For our book printing initiative I have an acceptable price. The last hurdle is to get a reasonably priced carrier service that can deliver. Then, watch us go.

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Russia Welcomes Afrikaners: 15,000 Boers Want to Change South Africa for Russia (VIDEO)
Whatever the outcome, the notion that Boers see Russia as a possible new homeland is telling and it is huge in its implications. White Christian peoples increasingly see Russia as their salvation

Andrei Martyanov Mon, Jul 9, 2018

Recall what I wrote on the fate of white South African population in March:

While blind and hypocritical West was hailing their thoroughly fake idol of Nelson Mandela, the Republic of South Africa was slowly being consumed by unprecedented black racism and non-stop assault on white Afrikaners. Rape, murder, robbery, barbed wire electrified fences around white South African communities–these are defining characteristics of modern South Africa. In general–it has NO FUTURE.

The expropriation of land from white farmers will be their death knell, literally. Like in Zimbabwe, they will be raped, murdered, pillaged and whatever else comes with Zimbabwean, now South African “justice”. The so called West, which still believes in own lies about South African “democracy” and benevolence of BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) and of ANC WILL NOT accept white Afrikaners when real white exodus starts, nor will the United States do so–the combined West prefers today anybody but white, predominantly Christian people.

The fate of Afrikaners is in question today and those people need desperately safe haven to start their lives over. Modern West is not it.

The delegation of Boers is currently in Russia, namely in Stavropol Region, and is discussing resettlement of 15,000 Afrikaners to the area (in Russian). The process is obviously not going to be simple–for starters there are very few huge land lots, which Boers got used to own in South Africa, in Stavropol. Boers love hot climate and, obviously, an abundance of the land, say in the Far East, is not going to work.
The issue of Boers’ Protestant faith, however, seems to be less profound because local population is generally positively inclined towards having Boers’ community and Boers themselves already stated that they are not going to be “enclosed” into own community.

Russians do care about peoples’ honesty and labor ethics first and foremost and Boers easily pass this test. The condition for Boers is, and these are not poor families, to have half-million dollars per family to invest into the economy of the region, which comes naturally once the issue of settlement is, well, settled.

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But whatever the outcome of all this is, the whole notion that Boers see Russia as a possible new homeland is telling and it is huge in its implications. It is happening, as I predicted a few years ago, that white Christian peoples (which is by definition–a European root) will increasingly see Russia as their salvation. That is why this Putin’s message at Valdai Forum last year was enormously important. Listen attentively again what he is saying both openly and implicitly.

‘A matter of life & death’: 15,000 white South African farmers seek refuge in Russia, report says
Published time: 9 Jul, 2018 12:05
Edited time: 10 Jul, 2018 11:42

© Eduard Korniyenko / Reuters
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The new South African government, led by President Cyril Ramaphosa, has pledged to return the lands owned by white farmers since the 1600s to the black citizens of the country. The government said it is planning to put an end to what it calls the legacy of apartheid, where most of South Africa’s land is still in the hands of its minority white population.

Rights groups have said the initiative incites violence. There were 74 farm murders and 638 attacks, primarily against white farmers, in 2016-17 in South Africa, according to data by minority rights group AfriForum.

The farmers are prepared to make a contribution to Russia’s booming agricultural sector, according to Rossiya 1. Each family is ready to bring up to $100,000 for leasing the land.

Russia has 43 million hectares of unused farmland, and has recently begun giving out free land to Russian citizens to cultivate farming. The land giveaway program, which began in 2014, has been a huge success.

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Genociding Germany
July 8, 2018 Other Writers
The writing is on the wall. The old Germany of our Christian ancestors is in the process of being destroyed. And after Germany, Europe is the target.


Published also on TRUTHSEEKER

LASHA DAKMOON (by way of introduction) : Petrus Germanicus (aka ‘Peter’) is an American of German ancestry who has spent a lot of time in Germany and witnessed for himself the tragic ideological debasement of the average German over the last few years. He is to be commended in particular for drawing our attention to the work of two well-known American polemicists, Jewish writer Theodore Kaufman (1910-1986) and non-Jewish Harvard academic Ernest Hooton (1887-1954), who shared one characteristic in common: a passionate hatred for the German people and a wish to see them destroyed.

Even more commendably, Petrus Germanicus has shown a direct link between the malevolent writings of Kaufman and Hooton and the mysterious Count Coudenhove Kalergi (1894-1972), the founding president of the Pan European Union which was to morph finally into the European Union (EU) and which is with us today and is responsible for the current migrant crisis.

The EU, as we all know who have eyes to see, has now become the United States of Europe in all but name — an undemocratic and despotic confederation of states without borders whose primary aim appears to be White Genocide, i.e., the slow and systematic destruction of the white indigenous people of Europe by means of uncontrolled mass immigration and mongrelization.

White genocide, Petrus Germanicus correctly believes, is taking place under our eyes right now. The process began in earnest in 1945 after the defeat of Germany in WWII, though the idea had been in the pipeline long before that with the arrival on the scene in the 1920s of an odd character known as Count Coudenhove-Kalergi, a half-breed aristocrat with an Austro-Hungarian father and a Japanese mother of samurai lineage — apart from other ethnically uncertain ancestors in his family tree, one of whom may or may not have been Jewish. If Kalergi wasn’t Jewish, he was certainly one of the world’s most ardent philosemites, literally worshipping the ground the Jews walked on.

Count Kalergi wanted the white indigenous people of Europe to disappear slowly (“soft genocide”) by interbreeding them with African, Asian and Middle Eastern immigrants who would be encouraged to flood into Europe in vast numbers, producing in time a coffee-coloured, mongelized race with negroid features. This carefully planned and coercive mass immigration would be accomplished only with the help of international Jewry, Count Kalergi believed. for two simple reasons: (1) because the Jews had most to gain from it; and (2) because the Jews in Count Kalergi’s eyes were an incomparably superior people, the spiritual aristocrats of the world who deserved to rule over the rest of mankind in a multicultural paradise without borders or separate nations.

The ideal state, the Ultimate Utopia, was envisaged as one vast confederation of states, all under the kindly control of a one-world government located in Jerusalem.

The Jews, seen as the natural born leaders and crème de la crème of the world’s intelligentsia, would be allowed to preserve their Jewish identity and monoculture, including their exceptionally high IQs, but all other races would need to be homogenized and standardized for the sake of convenience and efficient management. Everyone non-Jewish was to be popped into a metaphysical blender and turned into a mishmash of lower-IQ mongrels who would be kept reasonably happy as long as they did what they were told. There was no need to treat these non-Jewish mongrels — the New Goyim with the brown skins — inhumanely. There was no need whatever to treat them like slaves. On the contrary, they would be treated with kindness, in the same way as we treat our pets, provided they knew their place in the pecking order. The Jews were to be the new People Farmers. The rest of mankind were to be the Jews’ obedient and submissive livestock. It was as simple as that.


Ethnic Cleansing of Whites in Canada
by Brian Wiggins

To millions of Canadians, open borders, globalism, diversity and multiculturalism are an existential threat to our sovereignty and identity of the Canada that we love and used to fight for. I have become, almost overnight, a demographic conservative; an immigration minimalist and a civilizationalist. I simply do not want my children and grandchildren to become a minority, a small part of a “gorgeous mosaic,” in their own homeland.

Liberals in particular, but all of our established political parties, seemingly hate this country and want to replace the historic Euro-Canadian citizens with foreign nationals. The progressive/left’s position on national immigration policy is centered around the concept that foreigners are inherently better than us. They want them coming nonstop. Don’t worry, they’re all valedictorians and future Nobel Laureates.

We know that Canadians cannot become Indian, Africans, Chinese or Sikh but we are expected to believe that anyone can move to Canada and become Canadian. If it’s not about “race,” as we are being told, then it is imperative that it is about “values.” Nevertheless, those illegal Nigerian eco-migrants that are storming our border, given the backlog, will likely be granted amnesty in a couple of years. Be advised that slavery is as much a part of modern Nigerian culture as female genital mutilation (FGM) is to Somalian culture. That’s vibrancy and enrichment, no question, but does it align with Canadian “values?” It has become unacceptable to demand that immigrants conform to their hosts’ cultures and so we are being made to conform to theirs.

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Jamaican expats who retire there after decades in the UK face an “extreme risk” of murder, a former police chief on the Caribbean island has said, as official figures revealed that at least 85 Britons, Americans and Canadians have been killed in the country since 2012.

Senior police figures told the Guardian that returning residents were seen as soft targets by criminals and needed much more protection following the murders of three British retirees on the island in as many months.

Gayle and Charlie Anderson, aged 71 and 74, had only recently retired to Jamaica when they were fatally stabbed and their bodies burned following a firebomb attack at their “dream” home in Mount Pleasant, in the island’s Portland parish, last Saturday.

Retirees returning to Jamaica face extreme murder risk