Specifically the Orphans

  Since 1994 with the take-over of the Christian ruled South Africa by the communist-terrorist-atheist-murderous African National Congress (please do not be deceived by the “national” in African National Congress, there is nothing national about this organization) the country became a cesspool of murder, torture, rape and corruption, every evil written in the handbook of communism-bolshevism.

  More than 80,000 White people have been tortured and murdered since 1994 thousands upon thousands of blacks suffered the same treatment. It is like we who have studied communism that in every communist country it is only the elite who benefit the raping of the riches of the country they destroyed. South Africa has lost her soul and reaping more than the whirlwind of this horrible change forced on her population.

  Because all law and order, civility and descent conduct towards a neighbor disappeared into this cesspool of darkness, many children are left without parents, some were sexually assaulted and too many unspeakable things happened to them. Some were rescued and placed in orphanages all over the country. More than a million White people are living in squatter camps with no hope of even getting help from the government in the way of a pension or if you lucky finding a job, your transgression is the color of your skin. South Africa has the most unequal society in the world, with Black Empowerment Employment (BEE) or as it is called in the United States Affirmative Action with a population of 50 million Blacks and 3 million Whites, it stands to reason no White ever stands a chance in a society like this.

  There are many orphanages in South Africa, most of them sponsored and run by churches. In the case of the Abraham Kriel Children’s Home and to be more specific the Jakaranda House in East Lynn, Pretoria where there are different houses to make it more family orientated, 12 children to a home with “house-parents” taking care of the children, trying to take the place of real parents. But we have a problem with Jakaranda House #17, because the house has 12 girls, ages 3-14 years house 8 White girls and 4 non-white girls and therefore the ANC government cut the subsidy in half, because the majority is White. With this decision of course the non-white girls are also punished, but this is not changing the decision.  House #17 with Lientjie Van Niekerk as the girls adopted mother, they all call her Mam she is so full of love we decided to make this a priority to help our children with donations. We started, under the careful eye of Monica Stone, LIVING WATERS FOUNDATION, registered with the IRS as a non-profit and tax deductible organization as well as with the Secretary of State, Louisiana, to send money to these girls. Because of customs laws it does not pay to send clothes, even used clothes as the levies and taxes put on the parcel, even marked as a GIFT, are too high and thus make it non-profitable, we decided against this.

I hope this plea will fall on soft hearts and helping hands.

I am grateful to anyone reading this explanation and for any help towards making the life of these girls in such a hostile, dangerous, murderous environment more tolerable.


Blessings, Monica Stone

Living Waters Foundation

Any and all monetary donations are greatly appreciated.

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