Captain A.H.M. Ramsay who was thrown into prison in Word war 2, wrote a book “The Nameless War’. In the fifth chapter tells how in 1918 a Mr Oudendyke warned the then British Prime Minister Mr Balfour that Bolshevism was a Jewish plan and that if not checked by the combined action of the European Powers, it would engulf Europe and the world.
In that same year a Black child we know as Nelson Mandela was born. He made no secret of his communist connections and celebrations of this man’s life are in full swing world-wide, as we write.
The warnings were spurned, and since then the world has experienced a second world-war. The one man who too Oudentyke’s warning seriously, Adolf Hitler, is demonized to this day as no other man has been.
His cities were burned to the ground together its citizens. But now, the British Empire is no more. The Christian South African Republic, which opposed communism, is no more, and is now ruled by a non-racial assortment of alien, anti-White theories.
Captain Ramsay’s British naval exploits in World War 1 brought him many hours. Despite the insults and enmity heaped upon him by the government he served so well, he harboured no malice towards it, nor in fact, towards his country’s enemy. In fact he quickly became aware of deliberate malicious and mischievous reports in the Jew-controlled or influenced press. He decided to read for himself Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” to get the facts. There he noted two main themes: Firstly, exposure of the Jewish scheme for the establishment of world Marxism; and secondly, admiration of, and longing for friendship with Great Britain.
Ramsay quotes: “Writing of the days before 1914, Hitler stated: ….I still saw Jewry as a religion….of the existence of deliberate Jewish hostility I had no conception…..I gradually realized that the Social Democratic Press was preponderantly controlled by Jews….There was not a single paper with which Jews were connected which could be described as genuinely national….I seized all the Social Democratic pamphlets I could get hold of, and looked up the names of their authors – nothing but Jews.
The Jewish doctrine of Marxism rejects the aristocratic principle of natur….it denies the value of the individual among men, combats the importance of nationality and race, thereby depriving humanity of the whole meaning of existence.”
“Democracy in the West today is the forerunner of Marxism, which would be inconceivable without Democracy.”
If the Jew, with the help of Marxian creed, conquers the nations of the world, his crown will be the funeral wreath of the human race….Thus did I now believe, that by defending myself against the Jews I am doing the Lord’s work.”
Those words were written by Hitler in 1918, today they glow like neon signs. The mad scramble for equality of everything that can breathe and talk, whether male and female, White and Beck, harks back to the days of Noah and Sodom. Human difference is patterned by divine creation and intelligence. Interrupt that order of nature and you reap chaos without a remedy. This is clearly the goal of the only people remain genetically aloof while they drive on the rest of mankind to bastardize their precious genes. Forever after, like the cream on the milk they will assume their self-acclaimed royalty and their regal right to rule the rest of humanity.
Part of their tactics is to de-feminize the female and emasculate and effeminate the male, factors which define normality. At the same time this opens the way for indiscriminate sexual activity bringing back the customs and habits of Sodom and Gomorrah, and with it, the doom it deserves.
Each generation creates its own defining character to which we become naturally entwined. I my case my awakening awareness dawned in the earth-shattering events of World War 2 and the ‘apartheid’ years. Those were stormy years. Now the storms have left us with a grumbling normality in which nobody is content. The winners of the war have nothing enduring to show for it; and the destroyers of apartheid have nothing but chaos to put in its place.
The world war years were full of drama and heroism and good years because our side was winning. We knew nothing of the dark facts still to be revealed, and better understood. It was hard at first to read books like “World Conquest Through World Government”. Nobody like their pre-conceived images shattered. Great Britain and the USA were the names in lights, when ‘the boys came marching home.’
But then came the United Nations and the anonymous figures that came creeping out of the shadows. So it was not the Christian West that won the war, all they did was to smash a brother people who longed for our friendship.
Our peoples no longer made the rules. Ours was but one voice amongst the babbling masses gathered out of Africa and the East into that ‘Cottage’ of ill-fame in New York City which now issues its dictates and formed its armies. When a certain Mr Henry Kissinger came on the scene the bells of my memory kept chiming the ‘Learned Elders of Zion’, again, and again and again.
Their business is not to establish order and harmony but chaos because in chaos there is profit.
Africa north of us wallowed in chaos. Idi Amin, Mugabe and their like were busy saturating their soil with the blood of their own people. But this seemed to make no impression on these architects of their New World Order.
After Rhodesia and South West Africa went up in flames it was our turn here in South Africa. Peace and prosperity under White rule was forbidden. Verwoerd had to fall.
So they prepared one Demetrio Stefendas born in Lourenco Marques on January 14, 1918 of a Cretan, Michaelatos Tsafendakis and his half caste maid Amelia Williams, a Swazi. They shipped him to Cape Town and sneaked him in amongst the parliamentary messengers where he performed the assassination of the century upon our greatest Prime Minister.
From there on in, it was only a matter of time. John Vorster who had been for many years secretly cultivated for his part in the treachery, came and went.
The following extract is from pages 14 and 15 of the late Stephen Goodson’s book, Inside the South African Reserve Bank “The path leading to the economic and social destruction of South Africa was unleashed on February 2, 1990 by former President Frederik Willem de Klerk, in the process, the traitor De Klerk….betrayed not only the Afrikaners, but all the peoples of South Africa.
For this treacherous conduct he was richly compensated. Four years ago, at a restaurant in Munich, Germany, De Klerk was heard boasting to some friends that he had an investment portfolio at Bank von Ernst, Lichtenstein, worth over one billion Swiss francs or almost R12 billion, and that he was this banks biggest client.”
I bought De Klerk’s autobiography. It was on the shelf for R135, but was reduced by Bargain Books to R9.95, a suitable tribute to the level of respect to which this traitor had sunk.
And thus, the final step in the demise of civilized rule in Africa was achieved when F.W. de Klerk and the man born in 1918 (Nelson Mandela) shared a Nobel Prize award for unitedly bringing to an end in Africa the principle of Christian Civilization. What now Africa?!!!!
Now, methinks, the scene is set for the ultimate showdown.
The fact remains however that, “the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.” The earth is a living organism, it is not a pile of rocks and lots of water waiting for some smart Alec to come along and do with it as he pleases. The beautiful earth is a wondrously composed dwelling place for creatures great and small. There is room to work and play and compete, to build and dwell in comfort and harmony with good neighbours, and develop to the full the complexity of life within the bounds of each racial type. God made it so. God did not make all men, nor all races equal. It is the scheme of wicked men with criminal ambitions who propagate such lies for personal gain. That is what Communism is all about.
We recently witnessed in microcosm how people from different backgrounds found it possible to get along, whilst maintaining their own identity. The World Soccer finals in Russia proved to be a practical demonstration of good neighbourliness.
Up to now, God has directed human affairs via His laws and commandments committed to His Israel peoples who were entrusted to set their example before other peoples. Unfortunately, instead of setting the example, the Israel of God did the very opposite by learning and following the habits of the heathen. The result is that human nature has run wild without a moral compass to guide them.
What we have today is a “New World Order” in stark contrast to the natural order. Hence, we have in prospect the return to earth of the Lord Jesus Christ to establish here the Kingdom of God, which will restore normality to the divine creation. Needless to say it is not going to be a smooth transaction but it will be a decisive one. Where it is resisted, it is going to hurt. The people behind the Crucifixion of Christ are also the authors and perpetrators of the new world order. This is the day they will face their Nemesis.
It is not a secret. It is not a divine afterthought. I can take you way back to when this Colossus was predicted. Here it is: The following was prophesied and recorded in the eighth century B.C. “Behold the Lord maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof. And it shall be, as with the people, so with the priest; as with the servant so with his master; as with the maid, so with the mistress, as with the buyer so with the seller; as with the lender so with the borrower; as with the taker of usury, so with the giver of usury to him. The land shall be utterly emptied and utterly spoiled; for the Lord has spoken His word.”
Here’s the reason: “Because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinances, broken the everlasting covenant. Therefore hath the curse devoured the earth, and they that dwell therein are desolate: therefore the inhabitants of the earth a burned and few men left.” Isaiah (24) is the prophet.
About 50 AD Matthew recorded words spoken by Jesus some 17 years earlier: The Master said: “Ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars…. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.” Sound familiar? “there shall be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes….Then shall the great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world till this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.”
When we see our politics written on the pages of scripture, prophesied two thousand years ago we know we’re looking at serious realities, not make-belief political humbug. And, realities call upon intelligent people to react in an intelligent way. I know we write to intelligent people.