Listen To Your Instincts

My Cross

You’ll be shocked how far down the communist checklist we are

England’s Defiled Flowers

FYI – short, but very important message.

Seattle Schools New Policy Math Is Subjective And Racist

Hate Crime Researcher hacked to death in South Africa


Archaic Admixture, Hybridization, and Human Racial Origins – ROBERT SEPEHR

The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire (Documentary)

South African Land Expropriation, Corrupt South Africa, Crimes Against Humanity

The curious case of the Chinese diplomat who told the truth about black crime in D.C. A new podcast from Colin Flaherty

The curious case of the Chinese diplomat who told the truth about black crime in D.C. A new podcast from Colin Flaherty

This is not of my making. It is however the history of a God fearing people under threat.

The Anatomy of a Land Grab

White farmers killings – Straight through Africa

What Lauren Southern’s Borderless Didn’t Say

Lauren Southern’s Farewell Interview: “Borderless” and Retirement…”

Sam Dickson: “Under Arrest: You’ve Had Too Much to Think

Reaping Divine Justice

SADF border war movie: At Thy Call

Ten Reasons Why South Africa Is Irrecoverable
The full movie: Other Losses – a film by James Bacque

The Word Racist is Antiwhite.. Jason Kohne

Why Would The White Minority Want To Be Dragged Down by The Ignorant Masses

The ONLY Reason Marxism Will ALWAYS FAIL – Jordan Peterson

White Farmer Killings & Persecutions, South Africa w/ Dr. Harry Booyens (1of2)

Ep. 121 – Any Excuse to Blame Whitey

What Happened To The South African Man?

Disrupted Land Documentary

South Africa: Julius Malema’s most inciting speech yet | “Don’t be afraid to go to prison”

Jordan Peterson on what made Hitler hate Jews

Senator Fraser Anning addresses Parliament on the white genocide

Malema’s Economy – Factsheet

How to Defeat the Charge of Racist | Going Free | No White Guilt | – No White Guilt

Why Are Julius Malema and Andile Mngxitama So Popular?

We Don’t have A Black Problem We Have A White Problem

Clare – The Truth About South Africa’s Rainbow Nation – Radio 3Fourteen

The White Genocide in South Africa is picking up pace, making a civil war inevitable.

Question To White South Africans

ACA. Apex Vigilante. (Man Combats Black African Gangs)(Clayton)

Hot Weather Africans Attack Oz Families.(Chelsea)(St Kilda) Nine Seven News

Why Whites Are Leaving Africa – Sins Of The World – Past 5 Days

HISTORY: Jewish Slavetrade Documentary

Rejecting the Superior Wisdom of the Past

South Africa: Black Land first SACRIFICE to WAR SPIRITS at Clifton Beach

DISCUSSION: Zimbabwe’s 2019 economic outlook with Eddie Cross

Protest against removal of beach goers at Clifton Fourth beach

A hive of activity as Clifton Beach protesters stage a rare picket

Occupy Clifton Beach | South Africa (2018)

First, South Africa – Then, The WORLD!

War Talk in South Africa

12,000 White Americans Petition For White South Africans Emigrate To The U.S

South African farmers appeal for help

White Squatter Camp – Estoire, Bloemfontein (2018)

How Dark Were the Dark Ages?

FULL DOCUMENTARY – Venezuela: State of Disaster

LiteRetro: All White South Africans Should Return To Europe?

The Truth … Zuma lied

South Africa – Banks screw the farmers

God sends a clear signal

Farm Murder VICTIMS MOCKED by Citizen EDITOR

Whiteness: The Original Sin – Jim Goad

Land expropriation without compensation spells ‘Economic Disaster’

Land Expropriation – Capturing a Nation

Your Cultural Heritage Is Deeply Offensive

The end of the ANC is unavoidable

Pan African Dr Ben Reveals The Real History of Africa as Never Told

Expropriation without compensation? Panic among South Africa’s white farmers

Ads24 Food for Thought – CT- Dawie Roodt

Just Call Me Hawk

U.K., U.S. Remain Silent on South Africa’s White Genocide

Dawie Roodt on the troubled SAA

South African Land Expropriation, Corrupt South Africa, Crimes Against Humanity

White Genocide Explained

‘My brother Naka rugby-tackled all four robbers out of the house’ – Tinus Drotské

The Rand is based on debt. Take land without compensation and collapse your financial system

Clare – The Truth About South Africa’s Rainbow Nation – Radio 3Fourteen

Black Students in South Africa Want to Decolonize Racist White Science

Jim Goad – The War on Whites Reaches New Heights

The End of the ANC: Into the Eye of the Storm – Part 1

How Socialism Ruined My Country

My Turn Waiting To Be Murdered in South Africa Book by Alice VL

This video is blocked in almost every country (2019)

South Africa 2019: Beginning of the END

BLF has declared “War on White People” | South Africa (2018)

Pieter Groenewald makes a prophecy

EXPOSED: ANC political arms – the EFF and BLF

True facts of South Africa history 4

South Africa – first target for EXPROPRIATION: Hermanus

Tariq Nasheed vs. Jared Taylor (A Review)

Hawk exposes Ramaphosa’s lies to the UN

Sparta’s Unknown War – by VertigoPolitix

South Africa President blames BLACK THREATS on White people

What the hell is going on in South Africa

The Rainbow Nation Turns Dark

South Africa EFF Leader Julius Malema Spells Out His Plans For South Africa

The French yellow vest revolution

Things are Getting Worse

White South Africans Are The X-Men? Is Moviebob Right?

A Lion Visits Europe

LO Lumumba Reveals Our Founding Fathers Plan for the Regeneration of Africa

The Reality of Anti-White H*tred

Understanding UN Population Migration Agenda

Tucker responds to backlash over South Africa report


Hondurans can’t seem to escape violence

Wake Up Black People, Wake Up

Top 10 African Countries With the Most Chinese Debt

African Replaces Corrupt European as Head of UN Environment Programme

The plan to flood us with with Africans

Katie Hopkins – Our Final Stand for The West

Katie Hopkins Weighs in on South Africa, White People, and the Assault on Western Values (Excerpt)

What Lauren Southern Isn’t Telling You

Angry Migrants in Sweden BEHEAD shoppers in IKEA (No graphic images)

How To Stop The Violent Escalating African Crime Wave

How farm attacks were dropped from the agenda

Moet op regters nie vertrou nie – Feiteblad

Ernst Roets in debate with ANC on black empowerment and white privilege

China’s Secret Invasion Of South Africa

Our monument is not your coconut tree

Lessons from Russia | Dangers of Marxism

Diversity is our strength

EFF Triumphant As Constitution Amendment Approved

BLF Declares War On White South Africans

South African President Tells EU Parliament He Will Expropriate Land

Julius Malema Telling Committee On Land Reform What EFF Wants

Open calls for violence in South Africa: what now? Call in Show

Rumble in the Urban Jungle

The most important video of 2018

The U.N. is Trying to Take Over All Decisions on Migration | The Global Pact

NUMSA Is Attacking South African Businesses. BLF 2.0

Faith Goldy Debunks ‘White Privilege’ Myth

What Every Girl Needs To Hear

Best Argument Ever Against Political Correctness by Stephen Fry

Non-Whites Only | South Africa (2018)

THIS is EXACTLY what Q meant by ‘HELL ON EARTH’

George Carlin- They’ve Got You By The Balls

How They Stole Your Future 100 Years Ago

Africans Riot in Paris 2010

Jews push for Immigration and White Genocide


Excellent advice for farmers #BlackMonday

Why Is The United States In Africa? | AJ+

AFRICOM and the Recolonization of Africa – Cynthia McKinney on GRTV

Malema takes on the King of the Zulus over land

Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini addresses his people

Personal Message for President Donald Trump – South Africa – the reality.

Unrest in South Africa | DW Documentary

White Farm Murders in South Africa, Crime or Punishment? | Foreign Correspondent


10 Interview Questions Julius Malema answered without Blinking

Malcolm X and Ali Warning About Liberals and Multiculturalism

Hitler’s Super Commando – Otto Skorzeny

Malema Declares War On Trump & South Africans? Juju Loses The Plot. Also: Snipers!

*WARNING* The Next Civil War!

South Africa: Rampant ANTISEMITISM and KILLINGS of Boers

Katie Hopkins Has A Message For America, applies to whole world…

White Farm Murders in South Africa, Crime or Punishment? | Foreign Correspondent

We Speak To Farmers And Farm Workers About Farm Attacks

10 Highest Paid African Presidents in 2018

FBI Statistics Say Reverse Racism is Real | And It’s Just Called Racism

Top 10 Least Educated African Presidents

Top 10 Richest Politicians In South Africa 2017


Velaphi Khumalo: The Verdict Of Low Expectations. #VelaphiKhumalo

Anti-White MTV Video Goes Wrong

Chinese President Buying African Countries Debunked!

5 African Countries That Have Fallen into China’s Debt Trap

Take Note South Africa: Zimbabwe To Pay Reparations To White Farmers!

Creepy Nicole Wants War On South African Farmers!

The Emergent European Apotheosis

These 100 Secret Societies Prove Who Really Rules America

The Colonization of European Culture

The Moment LARRY ELDER changed DAVE RUBINS Mind Forever (Systemic Racism)

Remembering White Death in South-Africa

South Africa: The political fight over land – BBC Newsnight

South Africa Police Documentary – World’s Toughest Cops HD 2017

Total Cape Town shutdown protest continues

Feinstein Backpedaling to Avoid a Perjury Charge

Hitler talks about the Boers

Boer Battle Song (Bach Choir)

Lauren Southern Absolutely Destroys People With Facts Vol 2

Lies about land

The Derby-Lewis disclosure: Part 4

5 Countries That Have Fallen into China’s Debt Trap

South Africa – The Battle of Blood River – 16 Des 1838


MOST DANGEROUS Part of Johannesburg, South Africa

President Reagan’s Remarks on South Africa with Reporters on September 6, 1985

Sydney’s White Flight Caused by Government “Black Plague” – Pt:1


The Day of the Rope

Silent cry of the Boer

Terre’Blanche: to be Boer

Trump deports last Nazi war criminal in US back to Germany

The rise of the far-right in Germany

Where is South Africa going – looking ahead to the year 2030

FW de Klerk’s speech 25 years on

De Klerk on Apartheid: “I haven’t apologized for the original concept” (Separate but equal)

IRR takes the fight against Expropriation Without Compensation (EWC) to Parliament

Blacks Looting Again, This Time in North Carolina Amid Storm

Ayla Stewart Talks About the Crisis In South Africa

Why Africans Banned from hotels In China?

Kessie Nair calls President Cyril Ramaphosa a “k***** president

China-South Africa Genocides

Tommy Robinson: Germany Fights Back!
Tommy Robinson was helped greatly by his stint in jail. He is OUT and mad as hell. He now becomes an English Battle Ax. Like Richard The Lionhearted he runs amuck in the ranks of his foes enjoying every moment of it. He is out to fight and will do much better now than ever before. That is my prediction.
Louis Beam

Questions Liberals Can’t Answer

Ramaphosa’s startling new claims in SA Parliament re land grabs

Ramaphosa in Parliament part 2 … land grabs … the hat is the elephant in the room

Historical Anthem: South Africa- “Die Stem van Suid-Afrika”(The Call of South Africa)

We Are Not Zimbabwe, We Are Exceptional – Cyril Ramaphosa

Ramaphosa’s startling new claims in SA Parliament re land grabs

I Will Not Negotiate Land Expropiation With You

The Full Boer Project Conference in Pretoria

Time’s Up!: South African President Is Ready To Give Back The Land To It’s Rightful Owners

Inside South Africa’s White Displacement Camps

‘Whites must be happy we are not calling for genocide’: Malema on land expropriation

White people have been swimming in a pool of privilege

THIS is what REAL RACISM looks like!

How Should White People Respond to Anti-White Attacks?

Farm attacks escalate as the South African government denies that anything is wrong

Hasan Piker Destroys White Genocide Myth in South Africa

For this reason, Beware the Media

Pissed-off White South African

The Economic Freedom Fighters official “code of conduct

Defeating the criminal land expropriation without compensation act

How SA’s banks are responding to land reform

Fearless Julius Malema – All Africans Should watch this

Afrikaans – Siener Nicolaas van Rensburg se Voorspellings – Deur Adriaan Snyman

Jonas Nilsson at The Boer Project conference in Pretoria 30/8

Police incompetence exposed, prompting

The Chinese are after the minerals in the 2 Limpopo game parks served with papers

Death of West

FarmersLivesmatter How many Black and Coloured…

Julius Malema Reject!!! Terresa May 28 August 2018

EFF calls on SA govt to withdraw from the Commonwealth

You Want To Mass Murder Non-Whites

Angry Julius Malema At Winnie Mandela Funeral

Nedbank advises those who have loans will still be liable AFTER their land is taken from them

Racism Does Not Exist: Blacks Suffer Because They’re Immoral (Debate on The Fallen State)

WHAT Do Angry Blacks WANT from White People?!

Afrikaner Farmers Migrating to Georgia

So Racist Exploitation Is Really Bad Except…

Cyril Ramaphosa warns Donald Trump

University of Limpopo students speak out on walking out during an exam


Zulu Kingdom to be excluded from land expropriation without compensation

South Africa may take land from white farmers – So What

It’s time South Africa deals with Julius Malema

Donald Trump’s South Africa White Farmers Tweet Examined and Explained in Detail

Pay Attention To What They’re Planning To Do There

Science Must Fall | South Africa

Julius Malema Plans To Build One Africa State

South Africa withdraws farmland redistribution bill

ANC Expropriation Without Compensation Bill Withdrawn! What Does This Really Mean?

Exams Must Fall | South Africa (2018)

Julius Malema Speaks On Teresa May & Donald Trump 28 August 2018

The Plan To Save the world

Steve Hofmeyr – The media’s lies | Donald Trump on South Africa

Can America Become the Next South Africa?

“EFF leader Julius Malema on Donald Trump at media briefing”

The Media is LYING About South Africa Farm Seizures and Trump Tweets

How the Media Works with the CIA & NSA to Intercept & Censor Whistleblowers Exposed!

When the Boers take up Arms this could be the outcome: